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Miraculous Team: Haute Couture - Chapter 13
Chapter 13: Battle in Three Fronts
Smiling cruelly at the heroes, Haute Couture readied herself to tilt the game in her favour. The heroes would not even know what hit them. Snapping her fingers, her smile widened, as Ladybug and the others waited for something to happen… but it did not. Exchanging looks between the four, the heroes tried to understand what exactly happened, or was about to happen. Seconds went by, and still nothing. Growing more nervous as the seconds went by, Ladybug broke the wall of silence and asked:
“What happened?! What did you do?!”
“What did I do? Simple, I called for back-up…” -she smiled.
“What are you talking about?”
And then, the screams and yells went off the chart. Looking behind them, they saw something that amazed and terrified them. The people whom Haute Couture had given an upgrade on their outfit were seeing themselves in another predicament. The new clothes they were wearing turned into a sort of livi
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Miraculous Team: Haute Couture - Chapter 12
Chapter 12: The Hunt is On
Amélie Dufayel was running for her life. Never did she imagine that one of her former employers would end up being akumatized and tried to get revenge on her. In her head, she could not comprehend why Nina was targeting her… her massive ego prevented her from seeing what everyone else did; she was a self-absorbed egomaniac, and now, she was going to pay for it. Conjuring more and more pairs of scissors, Haute Couture would then throw them at Amélie, who managed to escape them by mere inches. If it was not for her athletic physique, she would be an easy target. Turning a corner, she thought she could escape her, by hiding behind a clothes rack. Breathing heavily, she hoped that would fool her long enough for her to get out of there. As Haute Couture approached the rack, Amélie’s heart skipped a couple of beats and her blood froze in her veins. Holding her breath, she begged every God she knew to let her pass without noticing her. Sec
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Suite Aerobics by SonicPossible00 Suite Aerobics :iconsonicpossible00:SonicPossible00 7 0
Miraculous Team: Haute Couture - Chapter 11
Chapter 11: Haute Couture Attacks!
Reptile had found the perfect target. That girl’s heart was filled rage, anger and bitterness. A winning combination that his master, the insidious Hawk Moth was looking for. He was sure that she would become a fine akuma.
“I must inform the master at once.” -he told himself. Concentrating, he tried to communicate with Hawk Moth through the telepathic link that existed between the vile villain and his lieutenants. Seconds later, he managed to get a hold of him. –“Master, I found it!
Hawk Moth, who was meditating in deep silence, quickly picked up his lieutenant’s thought transmission.
“You did? Excellent work. And who might our victim be?” -Hawk Moth asked, as he used his powers to see through the eyes of Reptile. –“Ah, what a lovely girl, and I can sense a huge amount of hate and rage in her heart, with a few sprinkles of disrespect… what a lovely mix. Don’t let her out of your s
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Miraculous Team: Haute Couture - Chapter 10
Chapter 10: Target Sighted
It was the last day of Paris Fashion Week, and the stakes were high. Throughout the week, designers had showed what they were capable of through their art. But it was time to get to the really juicy stuff. Though every designer and fashion house gets a say on what was in and out on a season, only four or five had the final word on what was going to be absolutely fashionable. On that day, the best of the best was going to show their latest collections and decide what was going to be trendy, and what was going to stay in the closet for the next six months. There was excitement in the air, mixed with smell of champagne and perfume, while the iconic song Love by Kazaky was on. Photographers were ready with their cameras, as fashion critics prepared themselves for what they were going to judge over the next few hours, and most importantly, in the backstage, models were getting ready to go on the runway. Everyone’s nerves were on the fritz… everyone, ex
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Miraculous Team: Haute Couture - Chapter 9
Chapter 9: Dreams versus Nightmares
On Friday morning at school, Chloé gave the whole class a message Adrien had sent them the night before. She told them that they were all invited to spend the day at the Paris Fashion Week. The boys were not exactly thrilled by that idea, but when it came to the girls, they all loved the idea, especially Marinette. Not only would she be able to attend the event once more; this time with the chance to attend the event and see everything with all the time in the world, but she would also have the opportunity to spend the whole day with Adrien.
“I can’t believe it, Alya. How lucky are we?”
“Well, I don’t know, but by the look on your face, girl, I would say that you’re considering yourself the luckiest girl in the world, right about now.”
“And I am, Alya, I am:” -Marinette smiled, as she got butterflies in her stomach, from thinking
“Does that mean, you’re finally going to tell him h
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Miraculous Team: Haute Couture - Chapter 8
Chapter 8: A Night to Forget and Remember
The night ended the way it was predicted by both Adrien and Gabriel Agreste… a complete disaster. Gabriel thought that he might actually find a way to bury the hatchet with Amélie Dufayel, but, in the end, his best efforts backfired on him. But, he was not the only one on that night with problems.
Down in the sewers, hidden from the rest of the world, Hawk Moth remained locked up in his chambers. He had not left that place ever since Gargantua had been defeated, and it was not because he did not want to… it was because he could not risk it. A few days after his massive monster was defeated by the Miraculous Team, he began looking for a way to destroy them. He feared that Reptile and Madame Romani together would not be enough to do the job… so, he decided that he himself would go up against those infernal teenagers himself. But, he found out that he had expended too much energy when he recruited his lieutenants and created
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Miraculous Team: Haute Couture - Chapter 7
Chapter 7: When Things Go Wrong
As he went down the stairs, Adrien tried to think of conversation themes for that dinner. His father was not much the talker, but he knew that Amélie Dufayel was a woman who loved to talk. The only thing she loved more than talking, was hearing the sound of her own voice, and Adrien knew that. When he reached the foyer, Nathalie was also there, waiting for Gabriel and his guest to knock at the door. In the air, he could smell the main course for that night…  salmon stuffed crab cakes with white asparagus and béchamel sauce, one of his father’s favourite seafood plate.
“Dad’s favourite seafood plate. If he ordered this, then he really must believe that this night is going to end up in a disaster.” –Adrien thought to himself. –“He only asks his for his favourite foods when he’s certain that things won’t end up well… I just pray that both he and I are wrong about this night.
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Flamingo by SonicPossible00 Flamingo :iconsonicpossible00:SonicPossible00 29 14
Miraculous Team: Haute Couture - Chapter 6
Chapter 6: Old Relics, New Players
The following day went on without a hitch. But while school was over, their training was not. Even though they kept doing their patrols, Master Fu insisted on them keep training their abilities, and as such, they all had to attend the training. That day’s exception was Adrien, who was still confined to his trailer back at the Fashion Week. The rest of the team was present, and ready to work out some sweat. Master Fu believed that Hawk Moth would not stay still for long, and they had to be ready for them. Since they had defeated Gargantua, they had focused on training their combined attacks, as well as coming up with new attack combinations. Ladybug herself had been training her skill with the Ampulla Amulet. Initially, it was hard for her to work with it, because although it seemed easy to activate it, she found out that to use its powers, she had to concentrate and tell it what it was supposed to do. The initial results were less than thrilling
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Miraculous Team: Haute Couture - Chapter 5
Chapter 5: Marinette in Fashion Land
Alya’s eyes could not believe what Nathaniel had drawn. It was just a sketch, but if one would use its imagination, it could see just how the final version would look like. Nathaniel had decided to use Ladybug’s insignia in the middle, surrounded by smaller versions of everyone else’s insignia. Looking at it, it reminded Alya a little about the myth of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table.
“So, do you like it? If you don’t, I’ve got a couple of more ideas.”
“No, it’s perfect. It’s exactly what I was looking for the blog.”
“Really?” -Nathaniel asked.
“Yeah, really.” -Alya told him, as she looked at the sketch more closely, admiring the little details he had put in it. –“It reminds me a little of the Knights of the Round Table.”
“I actually based the concept on that.” -Nathaniel declared. –“I’m glad I actu
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Miraculous Team: Haute Couture - Chapter 4
Chapter 4: Busy Afternoon
The next morning in school, Kim was still feeling quite sore from the previous day fall. Though the ice Alix brought him and the tea Master Fu had served him helped, the old man recommended him to not make any stunts for at least a couple of more days. To cheer him up, Marinette brought him a “Get Well Soon” cupcake, as she liked to call them. In fact, the cupcake was a triple chocolate muffin with red and blue icing she had done that morning before coming to school.
“Now, remember, don’t eat it all by yourself. Give a bite to Imp.” -the blue-haired girl told Kim, as she placed the cupcake on his desk.
“Don’t worry, I won’t let him forget about it.” -Imp, who was hiding in his backpack, said. Though his favourite food was spring rolls, the antelope kwami was a sucker for sweets.
“Hey, I was the one who got hurt, so I should eat it all.” -Kim shot at his kwami.
Imp was about to say something else
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Louve Grise and Mika by SonicPossible00 Louve Grise and Mika :iconsonicpossible00:SonicPossible00 43 24
Miraculous Team: Haute Couture - Chapter 3
Chapter 3: Night Patrol
The Sun had already set in the horizon when Reptile made his back to Hawk Moth’s lair. Venturing over the sewer system, he quickly changed back into his true aspect. The fowl stench in the air was causing him nauseas, and soon he cursed his idea of using the sewers to get faster to the lair.
“What stench… next time, I’m taking the longer path. At least, it doesn’t stench.” -Reptile said, as he kept advancing through the disgusting sewer tunnel.
After a while, he arrived at the lair, where he saw Madame Romani alone. Hawk Moth was nowhere to be seen, which probably meant that he was still in his private chambers and wished not to be disturbed. Ever since Gargantua had been defeated, that he spent most of his time there. He would only come out to check on any progress Reptile or Madame Romani had made when on mission. They did not know what he was doing while inside, but they know that they should not disturb him, unless it was
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Grizzly Bear by SonicPossible00 Grizzly Bear :iconsonicpossible00:SonicPossible00 13 7
Miraculous Team: Haute Couture - Chapter 2
Chapter 2: Inspirational Afternoon
While this happened, back in Marinette’s house, she was killing time, while waiting for Alya to show up. She had agreed to go with Marinette on a walk, so the blue-haired girl could find inspiration for a new fashion project she was working on. Both Alya and Marinette did this ritual, whenever one of them needed to find a new source of inspiration for something they would be doing, and this time, it was Marinette who needed. To kill time, Marinette, along with Tikki sat in front of her laptop and began to watch one of the many animes that the blue-haired girl had in her drive. She had seen pretty much every single one she had in her drive, so she let Tikki chose which one to watch. Looking through the list of animes, the scarlet kwami chose one named Marmalade Boy, which told the story of Miki Koishikawa and Yuu Matsura and how they fell in love.
“This is so much fun!” -Tikki said, as she laughed.
“I’m glad you like it so
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FINAL FANTASY X by DalilaGFX FINAL FANTASY X :icondalilagfx:DalilaGFX 517 172 Penny Clothes Collection (Original 80's Series) by PolarStar Penny Clothes Collection (Original 80's Series) :iconpolarstar:PolarStar 19 30 CM - Red Lights! by kyara17 CM - Red Lights! :iconkyara17:kyara17 22 3 Chole And Sabrina miraculous ladybug commission by aki-hajime
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London VonSchweetz and Maddie Muttonf - Commission by Kiriyan
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Chapter 13: Battle in Three Fronts

Smiling cruelly at the heroes, Haute Couture readied herself to tilt the game in her favour. The heroes would not even know what hit them. Snapping her fingers, her smile widened, as Ladybug and the others waited for something to happen… but it did not. Exchanging looks between the four, the heroes tried to understand what exactly happened, or was about to happen. Seconds went by, and still nothing. Growing more nervous as the seconds went by, Ladybug broke the wall of silence and asked:

“What happened?! What did you do?!”

“What did I do? Simple, I called for back-up…” -she smiled.

“What are you talking about?”

And then, the screams and yells went off the chart. Looking behind them, they saw something that amazed and terrified them. The people whom Haute Couture had given an upgrade on their outfit were seeing themselves in another predicament. The new clothes they were wearing turned into a sort of living goo, which started to cover them from head to toes, and turned them into multicoloured mannequins; but these looked like no ordinary mannequins. They had a menacing look and they were arms with all sorts of cutting objects; knives, scissors, knitting needles, and many other kinds. All of them, demanding for the taste of blood.

“What did you do to them?!” -Ladybug asked her.

“I simply give them another upgrade… one that will make sure you won’t wear those ugly outfits of yours, ever again, because you’ll be dead.” -Haute Couture told them in a low menacing tone.

“Turn them back, or else…” -Grizzly Bear told her.

“Or else, what, kid?!”

“You don’t want me to finish that sentence, lady!” -Grizzly Bear shot at her with a serious voice. It was bad enough she was causing all that ruckus, now she was turning innocent people into her own personal army, and that made the holder of the bear miraculous boil with anger.

“You heard him, turn them back!” -Volpina ordered her.

“I don’t think so… but I’m going to allow them to play with you.” -Haute Couture told them, as she cleared her voice and projected it. –“My darlings, teach these kids some manners!”

Hearing their mistress calling them, every last one of the people turned into mannequins started to run towards where Ladybug and her companions were, pointing their weapons.

“Hate to say it, but we’re in deep trouble.” -Louve Grise told her friends.

“You call this trouble? I call this passing time…” -Grizzly Bear said, clashing his’ brass knuckles against one another, making a distinct metal sound.

“Take them down as quickly as you can, and then, we’ll hit Haute Couture with everything we’ve got!” -Ladybug ordered them. –“Volpina, a couple of illusionary duplicates, please.”

“Consider them made.” -Volpina winked at her friend and leader, as she took the flute’s tip to her lips and played a little melody, creating the copies Ladybug had asked her to create.      

Not far from where Ladybug and the others were, Flamingo, Corbeau Noire, Queen Bee and Antelope were also having their own problems with the deadly mannequins. Not only they were making sure that innocent people would not get hurt by them, but they were also trying to stop them from touching those very same innocent people; fir they had found out that once people were touched by them, they would also turn into mannequins. Seeing that happening, the first thing that came to the minds of the four heroes was the same principle of a zombie bite in a horror movie. Luckily, their powers made them immune to their touch.

“Grab something we can use to tie them all up!” -Corbeau Noire said as, she used her shadow powers to hold the mannequins up in the air, where they would not hurt or infect anyone, if one could you use that term.

“I’m looking! I’m looking!” -Antelope said, as he dashed looking for a rope they could use.

“More of them at 3 o’clock!” -Flamingo said, as she somersaulted over a couple of chairs, landing a powerful kick on one of the infernal mannequins that was coning near Corbeau Noire.

“They’re too many for a simple rope… let’s see if I can secure them using something a little stronger.” -Queen Bee said.

Using her trompo, the bee hero created small tornadoes that began to shred the tent near them, and then pull them all into a single tornado. Focusing, she wrapped the mannequins in the tent’s shreds, making it impossible for them to move. Then, with one last gust of wind, she made them fly to where she knew, they would not bother them again.  

“Nice work!” -Antelope said.

“But here come more!” -Flamingo cried, as she used her power to duplicate herself.

“Hope you can use that trick again, because we’re far from ending this.” -Corbeau Noire told Queen Bee, as she used her shadow powers to make the ones she was holding in the air, to clash against the approaching ones.  


As this happened, a part of the team had no idea what was going on, as they were too high in the air, with the task they had in hands. That, and Amélie Dufayel kept complaining about being stuck in an energy sphere created by Jade Turtle to transport her to a safe location, along with Gabriel Agreste, whom Antelope had accidently knocked out, when saving him from Reptile. And the place they chose to keep them safe from Haute Couture was none other than the Eiffel Tower. Built in 1887 for the 1889 World Fair, the Eiffel Tower was named after Gustave Eiffel, whose company designed and built it. Standing 324 meters tall, it was one of the tallest structures in Paris, and the best-known symbol of the French capital. And now, it was the perfect place to hide Dufayel and Agreste from the prying eyes of the akuma created by Hawk Moth. They chose it because it was high and it was easy to defend, in case Haute Couture could find them.  

“Are you sure you can lift us all?” -Jade Turtle asked Dragonfly. The pink-haired girl was carrying the two spheres with Amélie Dufayel and Gabriel Agreste, as well as Arachnid, Chat Noir, Forest Doe and Jade Turtle, as they did their best not to drop. A fall from that height would be lethal, or the very least, extremely dangerous, even with their powers and enhanced abilities.  

“Please, if I have enough strength to hold a tanker truck way up in the air, then I think I can hold you guys.” -Dragonfly told them.

“But last time, you had help, remember?”

“I do remember it, but then again, you guys are a lightweight when compared to a tanker truck.” -she joked, as they approached their destination, the Eiffel Tower’s first level.

Dropping them on the first level, it did not take much for the people who were there to start gathering around where the spheres containing Amélie Dufayel and Gabriel Agreste were. Seeing this, Jade Turtle decided to take matter into his own hands and created a couple of shields to keep the people at bay, while Dragonfly asked the security guards and police officers that were on duty there, to escort them into the ground. They hoped Haute Couture would not come there, but in case she did, they did not want anyone getting hurt. Little by little, everyone exited the place, though there were many protests about it. The people who had bought the ticket to see the tower protested that they had not seen it fully and were refusing to get out before they did, while others wanted to stay close to Paris’ heroes and see them in action. Still, no matter how much they protested about it, they all ended up going down the stairs or the elevator, leaving Chat Noir and the others alone. It felt strange to them to have that whole place just for themselves. If they were not saving the day, they would appreciate having this unique opportunity to enjoy the tower and its magnificent view of the city. But, they had a job to do, and Amélie Dufayel was making sure they did not forget it, by continually screaming.

“Let me out, right now! I demand you let me out, right now!!!!” -she screamed.

“Miss, you’re perfectly safe in there.” -Dragonfly told her.

“I’ll tell you what I think it’s safe! Safe is catching the first plane out of this city and only come back, when you or the police catch her and put her behind bars!” -she told him. –“Now, get me out of here! The faster I get to the airport, the better!”

“Can you shut her up? She’s driving me crazy with this conversation of hers…” -Forest Doe whispered at her friends.

“Hold on.” -Jade Turtle told her, as he held his tonfas above his head and made a couple of moves with them. Then, suddenly, they stopped hearing Amélie’s complains.

“Finally, some peace and quiet.” -Dragonfly said, relieved.  

“What did you do?” -Forest Doe asked.

“I insulated her bubble. She can scream all she wants, that we won’t hear her.” -Jade Turtle joked.

While they did this to their guest, Chat Noir kept an eye on their other guest, his father, Gabriel. He had not come to his senses, and in Chat’s mind, that was a good thing. If Gabriel woke up right then, he would start worrying about having left him and the rest of the class back in the event, and Chat did not want him to worry. Seeing him with a slightly gloomed face, his best buddy decided to cheer him up.

“Don’t worry, he’s safe here.” -Jade Turtle told him.

“I know, but still, as long as Haute Couture is out there, he’ll be in danger. According to Amélie Dufayel, he’s the real reason why this whole thing started in the first place.” -Chat answered him.

“And you believe that nonsense? Come on, we already ascertained that that woman is clearly one of the loudest and meanest people in the world. No wonder Haute Couture wants her head on a silver plate. If I had someone who treated me the way our villain says she treated her, I would definitely want to chop her head with an axe.” -Jade Turtle joked about it.

“True…” -Chat chuckled. Only his best buddy could make him laugh like that.

“Uh, guys, I think we got another problem…” -Dragonfly told them, pointing out to what was going down on the floor. Looking down, they saw the madness that was taking place on the grass. On one side, there was the police who were trying to get everyone out of there in safety, while on the other, there were Queen Bee, Corbeau Noire, Flamingo and Antelope making use of their special powers to immobilize as many as those creatures as they could. Still, the mannequins’ number was going up quite fast and even with Corbeau’s shadow powers, at that rate, they were going to need an extra set of hands to keep them under control, while Ladybug and the others took care of Haute Couture. There was Panda Rouge, but he was busy himself with keeping the barrier he had created up and running. There was only one way out of that mess… someone had to go down there and help them.

“This is bad…” -Jade Turtle declared.

“So, this one doesn’t spit Akuma butterflies, but can create minions all the same…” -Forest Doe stated.

“As if things weren’t bad enough already.” -Chat Noir declared.

“I’m going to give the others a hand.” -Dragonfly told them, as got on the ledge and readied herself to jump from it.

“Wait, take me with you. I can help.” -Arachnid told her.

“No, you and the others stay here, in case those things decide to start climbing the tower looking for the two of them.” -Dragonfly told him. -“Keep your eyes peeled, and I’ll be back soon, okay?” -she said, as she plummeted from the ledge, springing her wings, before speeding through the air.


Lying on the floor still unconscious, Reptile did not even imagine what was going on. Seeing him like that, Hawk Moth decided to wake him up. He needed his lieutenant to get back on action.

“Reptile… Reptile… Reptile! Wake up!” -Hawk Moth told him telepathically. –“Wake up, this instant!”

Hearing his master’s voice echoing inside his head, Reptile groggily opened his eyes. He felt his head several sizes bigger, and a nudging headache that felt getting worse every time he breath  

“M-Master? Is that you?” -Reptile asked with a groggy voice.

“Of course, it’s me, you imbecile!” –Hawk Moth yelled at him, making his head hurt. –“How could you let a bunch of kids to do that to you?!”

“F-Forgive me, master…”

Reptile had not finished talking, when a sudden jolt of energy cramped all his muscles, and made him scream in agony. This only happened for about three seconds, but to Reptile, it felt like three very long hours. Breathing heavily, and trying to ignore the excruciating pain he was in, he listened to what his master told him.  

“If you fail me again, trust me, when I say that this shock you received just now, will feel like a massage, when compared to what I have planned for you. Remember that.” -Hawk Moth warned him. The way he was talking to him, Reptile knew that the villain was not kidding.

“Y-Yes, master…” -Reptile answered.

“Now, use your strength to break those wires and do what you’re supposed to do! Go and help Haute Couture!” -Hawk Moth ordered him. –“And don’t fail me again!” -he yelled, as he broke telepathic link with Reptile, leaving him with an even nastier headache than before.

Cursing himself for his own mistake, Reptile knew he had to go back into action. Hawk Moth’s warning kept echoing in his head.

“Lousy, kids… Hawk Moth was right. I let my guard down, and they made a fool out of me! I’ll rip them to shreds! And I’ll start with that Antelope!” -he said, as he forced the wire that was holding both his hands and feet, snapping it. Though his whole body still hurt, his hatred for the teenagers was strong enough to make him forget about his pain momentarily.      

As he got up, one of the mannequins created by Haute Couture went by him, and he could not help but to smile.

“Looks like she got herself some back-up… good, that’ll give me time to go after that Antelope brat.” -she thought to himself.


Haute Couture’s mannequins were staring to become a pain in the neck for the heroes, as they tried to fight them and the villainess herself. Watching his companions fighting, Panda Rouge felt rather useless, just staying there controlling the barrier he had created. He had also created smaller barriers to keep the police officers that had arrived at the field safe, before he created the barrier to protect the civilians, but still, he would rather be by their side, fighting that crazy woman. He really wanted to join them, but the power needed to keep the barrier up and running, forced him to stand still, focusing on the task at hand.

“I can’t get out of here, but, I can’t just stay here and hope they can defeat her, when I can help them…” -Panda Rouge told himself.  –“I can’t move from here, but maybe I can give them something to help them fight Haute Couture.”  

Using his pencil, he began to sketch what many would call sentry robots to help their friends. Once again, his passion for science-fiction, robotics and comic books was helping him, by providing the necessary inspiration he needed to draw those machines. Unfortunately, like it happened when he was focused on his drawings, Panda did not hear the threat that sneaked upon him. When he finally heard the mannequin that was about to attack him, it was already too late… he was practically breathing on his neck. Turning around, he barely had the time to revert his pencil into its spear form, when the mannequin holding two pairs of scissors tried to stab him with them. Rolling down on the grass, Panda was able to punch it into submission. Still, though he was able to defeat it, the worse was done… he had lost his concentration, and the barrier he created disappeared, as well as the unfinished sentry drones he was drawing, when he was attacked.

“Oh, great… I’ve got to pull it up again, and fast!”

But it was too late, the barrier was gone and everyone that has been safe behind it until a few seconds ago, were now at the mercy of any of Haute Couture’s mannequin minions.


With the barrier down, and the mannequin minions going after the crowd that had gathered to see what was going on, it was up to Panda Rouge and the police officers to try and do their best to keep them away from the civilians. The hero still tried to rise another barrier, but the mannequins made it impossible. Focusing himself, he tried to fight off as many of those diabolical creatures as he could. But, he was not alone. From afar, Forest Doe was using her bow and magical arrows to help him out a little. Even from where she was, her aim was still the best. Pin, her kwami had told her that one of his holders had been Robin Hood himself, and that she was just as good as he was back in his days.

At the same time, Queen Bee’s group was being helped by Dragonfly. Using her speed and agility, combined with the flying abilities of Queen Bee, Flamingo and Corbeau Noire, she was able to take down multiple mannequins, and then hold them in a makeshift cage that Antelope came up with in a couple of minutes. Still, no matter how many they managed to contain in that cage, or wrap like mummies, they were still too many for them to handle just by themselves. Their only hope to put a stop at them, was that Ladybug and the rest of the heroes that were fighting against Haute Couture, managed to take her down. Unfortunately, their battle against her was dragging itself longer than they had expected, and they were all beginning to show a few signs of tiredness.    

Being thrown into the ground by Haute Couture, Ladybug who was becoming exhausted herself at that point, took a few seconds longer to get up, so she could access what was happening at that moment.

“She’s really tough… maybe I should ask the others to help us out…” -the scarlet heroine thought to herself. –“But I can’t do that… they’re already giving everything they got to stop these zombie mannequins she created. If I tell them to come and help us, those mannequins could easily find other targets on the people that are watching us, especially now that the barrier is gone… what are we going to do?” -she thought.

Seeing her friend in the ground, Dragonfly signalled Flamingo that she was going to see if she was alright, and headed to her encounter, landing right in front of her.

“Are you alright?” -she asked Ladybug, while helping her getting back on her feet.

“I’m fine, I’m fine.” -she said, trying not to show just how nervous and panicked she was, right then.

“Don’t worry, we can do this.” -Dragonfly told her, as if she knew she needed to hear that. –“Things are a little chaotic, but… WATCH OUT!!!” -she screamed, as she threw Ladybug to the ground.

The reason Dragonfly did this was because Haute Couture saw them both standing there, and threw a hail of needles at them, which nearly turned Dragonfly into a human porcupine. Feeling that what she did was absolutely disloyal and ignominious, Dragonfly threw her frisbee at the villainess, hitting her on the face, and making her bleed from a small cut on the cheek.

“Thanks...” -Ladybug told her, as she got up.  

“Don’t thank me, thank my frisbee and my aim.” -she joked about it.

“You’re going to regret that, little girl!” -Haute Couture roared, as she ran her fingers where the frisbee hit her, cleaning a small drop of blue blood.  

“You’ll have to catch me first, lady!” -Dragonfly said, as she flew into the air, circling Haute Couture from behind and throwing her frisbee at her, once more.

Having Dragonfly by their side was great, especially since she could fly, haute Couture could not touch her as easily as she did with the others. But, Ladybug knew they would have to find a way to defeat her without Dragonfly’s help. She was needed somewhere else, and fast. The mannequins were starting to attack the crowd that had gathered to see the battle, and Panda Rouge was in need of some assistance.

“Change of plans! Go and help Panda Rouge! We can’t have those things hurt anyone, and you’re the fastest of us. Go, and throw them either into the river, or throw them to where Queen Bee and the others are, understood?” -Ladybug ordered her.

“Got it. But, you be careful, okay? Remember, keep your head on the game!” -Dragonfly told her.

“I will.”

True to her word, Ladybug focused on the fight against Haute Couture, believing that she and her friends would be able to stop her. Coordinating them, she asked Volpina, Grizzly and Louve to combine their attacks, to counter her on all fronts. They could not let her even breathe for a second. Still, their battle was about to end abruptly, when one of the mannequins jumped over the heroes and informed its mistress about the location where Amélie Dufayel was. Haute Couture was tired of fighting the kids, and decided that before she killed them, she could take a break from it and destroy Amélie.  

“So, that’s where they are, huh?” -Haute Couture said. –“I’m quite sorry, but I’m afraid our playtime is over. I have a place I need to be.” -she smiled malevolently, thinking of what she was going to do to her former boss, once she grabbed her.
Chapter 12: The Hunt is On

Amélie Dufayel was running for her life. Never did she imagine that one of her former employers would end up being akumatized and tried to get revenge on her. In her head, she could not comprehend why Nina was targeting her… her massive ego prevented her from seeing what everyone else did; she was a self-absorbed egomaniac, and now, she was going to pay for it. Conjuring more and more pairs of scissors, Haute Couture would then throw them at Amélie, who managed to escape them by mere inches. If it was not for her athletic physique, she would be an easy target. Turning a corner, she thought she could escape her, by hiding behind a clothes rack. Breathing heavily, she hoped that would fool her long enough for her to get out of there. As Haute Couture approached the rack, Amélie’s heart skipped a couple of beats and her blood froze in her veins. Holding her breath, she begged every God she knew to let her pass without noticing her. Seconds seemed like hours, as she waited for Haute Couture to walk away from her hiding place. Finally, she kept walking, calling Amélie’s name.

“Thank God, she’s gone.” -she whispered, relieved.

“You were quite lucky, weren’t you?” -a voice from behind her said.

“Y-Yes, I suppose I can… who said that?” -she asked, turning her head behind, slowly.

“I did… Boo!” -the voice said, and this one belonged to none other than Reptile, Hawk Moth’s lieutenant. Seeing him, Amélie screamed on top of her lungs.


The surreal image of Reptile scared her to death. If she was not scared enough with Haute Couture’s attempts to kill her, then now, she was. Her instinct told her… no, screamed at her to get out of there, if she was to have any chance of surviving that ordeal. Her screams, as she blasted herself from the clothes rack into the opposite direction, alerted Haute Couture to her presence. Turning around, she saw Amélie running, losing one of her shoes in the process.  

“There you are… And you? Who are you?!” -Haute Couture asked Reptile, who came out of where Amélie Dufayel had been hiding from her.  

“I’m Reptile. Hawk Moth, my master, has sent me to give you a hand.”  -he answered her.

“I don’t need any help… still, as long as you don’t stand in my way, you can stay.”

“Understood.” -he said, waving his head.

“One more thing… Dufayel is mine, so keep your claws away from her.” -she warned him.

And the hunt was on again. Amélie kept running for her life, pushing everyone that stood in her way. If having one person after her head was bed, then having two was even worse. Every time she thought she had given them the slip, Reptile would show up behind her, smiling malevolently at her and looking at her, and if she was a succulent piece of meat or an appetizer. As for Haute Couture, she kept using her powers to turn everyone’s clothes the way she thought they looked better.

At last, Amélie saw herself with no way to go. She tried to go back the way she had come, but both Haute Couture and Reptile were already blocking the exit. There was no way out, and she knew it. She also knew that Nina was about to kill her

“Please, Nina… I beg you, don’t do anything you might regret...” -Amélie begged her. She was now on her knees, trembling in fear.

“The name is Haute Couture now, and I’m only doing what others should have done to you, a long time ago.” -she said, with a menacing voice. –“And as for regretting, the only thing I’ll regret was to not have done this the first time I laid my eyes on you.”

Snapping her fingers, she made appear eight pairs of scissors, these were sharper than the ones that she had created before, and way deadlier. Pointing them at her former employer, the villain smirked.  

“I think I’ll hit you in every different chakra in your body, and I’ll use the last one, to cut off your head…” –Haute Couture told her, as the scissors began to spin in the air like crazy, producing a hissing sound, similar to that of a snake.  

“P-Please, I beg you…” -Amélie begged once more, hoping that something inside Nina, would prevent her from hurting her, or worse, kill her.

“Order your soul to your Maker, because you’ll be with him in just a few seconds, Amélie Dufayel!!!” -Haute Couture exclaimed, as an even wider and sadistic smile appeared on her face.  

Snapping her fingers once more, the pairs of scissors flew all in the direction of the fashion designer, who closed her eyes so as to not see the horrible fate that awaited her. But, the scissors did not reach their designated target, when a gust of icy wind blew everything away, and froze the diabolical items, that shattered upon hitting the floor.

“Not so fast, you!” -a voice called out.

Standing to their left, was the whole Miraculous Team. Seeing them, Reptile immediately understood what had happened. Louve Grise had used her ice powers to stop Haute Couture’s attack.

“The Miraculous Team!” -Reptile exclaimed.

“You can say that again, lizard man!” -Volpina shot at him.

“Where’s your master and his other sidekick, huh? Don’t tell us that they’re too afraid to come out and play today?” -Queen Bee asked him with a mocking voice.

“That is none of your business, and furthermore, you’ll be dead before you know the answer.” -Reptile shot at her. –“These are the ones that you’re supposed to kill as well, Haute Couture.”

“I see…” -Haute Couture said, as she looked at them. –“Before I kill you, let me just state that I’ve got nothing against you, it’s just part of an agreement. Well, nothing, except those rather ghastly costumes that you’re wearing. They’re so out of fashion.”

“Out of fashion?!” -Queen Bee raised her eyebrow. –“Have you looked at yourself in the mirror lately, lady? The 80’s called, and they said they want their fashion sense back!”

“You’ll regret those words, you brat!” -Haute Couture spat at her.  

“So, her name is Haute Couture…” -Ladybug thought to herself. –“I wonder what kind of other powers, besides creating scissors out of thin air, she has?”

Before she could even think about it, Haute Couture used her fashion beam on them, but to her surprise, nothing happened. Ladybug and the others’ clothes looked the same as before they were hit by the beam.

“What?! What’s going on? How come you still have those awful clothes and not some better versions of them?” -Haute Couture asked out loud, baffled about what her eyes showed her.  

“Guess we’re immune to whatever that ray does.” -Jade Turtle told her. –“If that’s all you can do, then I guess we’re going to beat you in five minutes, tops.”

“Don’t you dare to mock me, little boy! I have more surprises than you can think of.” -Haute Couture told him.

Without warning, from her hands, dozens of measuring tapes were shot, targeting the young heroes, who were forced to get out of the way. When the tips of those measuring tips hit the numerous objects that were behind them, they shredded them into tiny little bits. It was then they all understood that Haute Couture was not going to be defeated as easily as they thought.

“Easy on the jokes, Turtle! She’s got quite the temperament… and the same things goes for you, Chat.” -Corbeau Noire told the two boys.

“What? I haven’t even cracked a joke today!”

“But we know how you are… you practically can’t resist doing that.” -she told him.

“Fine, I’ll go easy on the jokes, this time.” -the feline assured her.  

“You!!! Take her away from here, and hold her there, until I finish these pests.” -Haute Couture ordered Reptile, pointing to Amélie Dufayel. –“I will not be denied my vengeance against that witch.” -she thought to herself.

“Fine… but remember, I’m not your delivery boy!” -Reptile told her, as he prepared to grab Dufayel, when he was stopped by one of Forest Doe’s arrows.

“Keep away from her, snake breath!” -Forest Doe told him with a serious voice, while pointing another arrow at him. –“Or else, I’ll make shish kebab out of you!” -she warned him, giving Amélie enough time to get away.

Seeing the bane of her existence run away from there, Haute Couture snapped at Reptile.

“Get her!!!”

“I’ll get her, but you get rid of these kids! Hawk Moth wants them all dead!” -Reptile told her, as he started chasing Amélie.

“And dead he shall have them.” –Haute Couture smirked, as she readied herself to attack.  

Using the same trick once more, she tried to slice the heroes, while also conjuring numerous scissors, which she threw at them. As time went by, Haute Couture was gaining more and more control over her powers, and that scared the heroes, especially Ladybug, who was trying to come up with a plan.

“We need a plan!” -Dragonfly exclaimed.

“I’m thinking, I’m thinking!” -Ladybug exclaimed, as she visualized the possible outcomes of a battle against Haute Couture. Bearing in account the powers that she had showed them, and others that they still had not seen, the scarlet heroine knew that attacking her all at once was not the way. To win, they had to adopt a different strategy… divide to conquer.

“Let’s split up!” -she said.

“Split up? Are you sure?!” –Chat Noir asked her, as he blocked one more of her Haute Couture’s attacks with his staff.

“There are still people inside who might be in danger, and we have Reptile after Amélie Dufayel. Splitting up is the only way to make sure everything is dealt with.” -Ladybug told him. –“Three teams. Louve, Grizzly and Volpina, you’re with me! We’ll try and stop Haute Couture. Bee, you, Corbeau Noire, Flamingo, Arachnid, Antelope and Dragonfly grab everyone you see that shouldn’t be here and take them outside! We don’t want any innocents getting hurt. Chat, Turtle and Doe, you go after Amélie Dufayel and get out of here, while dealing with Reptile. Make sure you take her somewhere safe and away from here!” -she ordered them all.

“What about me?” -Panda Rouge asked, having been left out by Ladybug.

“You try and come up with a way to contain this mess. No one gets in. Remember what happened when Gargantua started spitting akuma butterflies and we had all those bystanders turned into creepy shadow minions? We don’t want that to happen again, in case this one is also able to do the same thing.” -Ladybug winked at him.

“Right!” -he said.

“Leave to us!” -they all said in chorus, as they spread out to fulfil what their leader had ordered them.    


As Ladybug and her friends tried to take care of things, Hawk Moth watched them, wondering if they actually believed they stood a chance against this new akuma of his. By his side was Madame Romani, who also watched as the action took place. The fact that there was something going on and she was stuck down there was driving her insane. She was eager to use her powers on the Miraculous Team, to hurt them both physically as psychologically.  

“Master, please, let me join the fight. I know Reptile won’t be able to defeat those teenagers on his own, even with the help of Haute Couture.” -Madame Romani begged her master.

“You are more helpful here.” -Hawk Moth said. Secretly, he needed her by his side, until he had recharged his power. Though Haute Couture was providing him with a substantial energy wave, it was still not enough. Romani’s energy was equally powerful, and if she was using it to fight the Miraculous Team, he would not be able to absorb it and regain in his full power.

“But master, if I may, I would be far more helpful in the battle field. I’ve been practicing and mastering my powers for such an occasion, and I can assure you that I will be able to get those teenagers to turn on each other, and let them kill each other.” -she declared, already picturing the kind of hallucinations she would use on each of the kids.  

“And I say that your job right now is to obey your master’s orders, without questioning them.” -Hawk Moth told her with a low and menacing voice. Though he knew Romani’s powers would surely enable her to get rid of those heroes, once and for all, he needed her near him. He needed to regain his full power, even if that meant taking his most powerful player temporarily out of the game.

“Yes, master.” -she said. She did not like it, but she would obey her master’s orders, no matter what they were.


Combining their powers, Ladybug, Louve Grise, Grizzly Bear and Volpina went up against Haute Couture, who was proving more and more of a challenge to them. As time went by, her control over her powers got better, and instead of just summoning scissors and throwing at the four heroes, she was now also summoning needles and pins which increased in size. Swinging her yoyo, Ladybug used it to create a shield with which she repelled everything the villainess threw at her. Louve also used her fan to create powerful gusts of icy air that would either freeze the objects thrown by Haute Couture or, the very least, deflect them. As for Grizzly and Volpina, they both used the environment around them to hide and wait for an opportunity to strike her.

“We’ve got to find a way to get her down!” -Volpina yelled at Grizzly Bear, who was hiding for cover behind a broken sound column.

“But how?! We can’t even get near her!” -Grizzly told her.

“Use your special ability and make her fall! That’ll give us a little time!” -Volpina suggested him.

“Why don’t you use your illusions instead?” -he asked her.

“Because we need her taken down, not confused.” -Volpina declared. –“Now, go on, use it!”

It was a risky move, even Grizzly Bear knew that, given the sheer force of his special attack, the Earth Shaking, if he was not careful, he could end up destroying everything that was around them. Still, he knew that Ladybug and Louve Grise were starting to get tired and needed to catch their breath. Focusing, he visualized his target, closed both his fists and then, he jumped over the sound column and with a precise and almost graceful move, he landed his fists on the ground as hard as he could, producing a well-placed earthquake accompanied by a few jolts of electricity, which made its way to where Haute Couture was. Seeing that Grizzly forgot to warn Louve and Ladybug, Volpina quickly yelled at them.      

“Girls, earthquake!!!” -Volpina yelled at both girls, who understood what was going to happen.

Ceasing their attacks, the girls backflipped, avoiding the sheer force of the earthquake, which hit Haute Couture and made her lose her balance, as well as knocking her out. Landing on their feet, both Ladybug and Louve Grise, turned around to face Grizzly.  

“Nice work!” -Louve commended him.

“But next time, remember to give us a heads up.” -Ladybug warned him. –“I don’t want to end up like her, over there.”

“Sorry about that.” -Grizzly apologized. Whenever he used his special attack, he got so carried on with it, that he forgot to warn the others he was about to use it.

“Never mind that now, we got her!” -Volpina said, as she joined the three of them, and went to check Haute Couture, who was still lying on the ground, without moving a single muscle.

“You think I went too hard on her?”

Before anyone could answer him, Haute Couture opened her eyes and raised her left hand, shooting a measuring tape from it, which wrapped itself around Grizzly Bear’s neck, choking him. She tried to do the same thing with the other three heroes, but they proved to be faster than their friend. Grizzly tried to rip the tape from around his neck, but the more he pulled it, the tighter it became. Using her yo-yo, Ladybug cut the tape, which allowed Grizzly to remove it, before it choked him to death.

“T-Thanks, Ladybug!” -Grizzly Bear told her, as he grasped for air.  

“Don’t mention it.” -Ladybug smiled at him. If it was up to her, she was not going to let one of her friends to be hurt on her watch.

“I was trying to go soft on you, but it seems to me that I have step up my game.” -haute Couture told them.

“Bring it on, lady!” -Volpina said, as she pointed her flute staff at the villainess, like a bow-stick.  


At the same time, Dragonfly and Antelope were using their speed to get everyone out of there as quickly as they could, with Queen Bee, Corbeau Noire, Flamingo and Arachnid helping them out.

“This way, please!” -Flamingo asked a couple, as they picked up the pace. She thought about using her multiplication ability to speed up the process, but was afraid that having too many people doing the same thing, would make things even more chaotic than they already were. People were scared, and

“It’s madness out here!” -Corbeau Noire said out loud. –“We need to be even faster.”

“I’m going in as fast as I can!” -Antelope said, as he stopped in front of yet another civilian, and grabbed him. –“Hang on, you’ll be out of here in no time!” -he said, as Dragonfly flew just a little above his head, looking for another person to carry out of that tent.

“I sure hope others are doing better than us, right about now:” -Arachnid said, as he used his lasso to pull out of the way a few speakers that had fallen, and were blocking a path.

Outside, the police had just arrived with numerous SWAT team trucks. Ever since Hawk Moth had showed his face for the first time, that city hall had ordered the police to have their men ready to deal with any other threats the madman would surely      

Trying to ignore the infernal commotion that was starting to take place on the lawn of the Champ de Mars, Panda Rouge worked as fast as he could to create a wall that would prevent any civilians from entering where the action was taking place, as well as keeping everyone at a safe distance. At the same time, he also designed a net that once deployed would spread over the whole place and catch any akuma butterflies that Haute Couture could produce to create minions.

“Let’s hope this works.” -he told himself, as he watched the police getting ready for the worst. The people nearby had already understood that something was going on, and just like before, they did not want to go. They wanted to feel close to where the action was going, and made sure to record everything either on their cell phones, or with their cameras.  


Inside the event, Chat Noir, Jade Turtle and Forest Doe kept looking for Amélie Dufayel and Reptile, who seemed to have disappeared out of sight.  

“Where is she?” -Jade Turtle asked.

“I can’t see her! Do you think she’s managed to go outside?” -Chat Noir asked.

“I don’t know. She was too scared to even know where she was running to, but there’s always the possibility she managed to do it.” -Forest Doe answered him.

Still, the fact that she kept yelling for help like crazy helped the young heroes. Unfortunately, they had to concentrate on to tell those very same yells of help from the rest of the noise you could hear, mixed with some annoying song that was still on. If it was not for Doe’s incredible hearing, it would be impossible for them to accomplish such a feat.

Reptile, on the other hand could not be happies. The Miraculous Team was fighting against an akuma that would most likely end up destroying them, while he was chasing the one person that was the full reason why all of that was happening. Amélie’s panicking screams were like music to him, as he kept chasing her. His plan was to get her tired, and then, when she was too exhausted to even move a finger, he would carry her out of there and wait for her to accomplish her mission. Still, he was not going do that just yet. He was having way too much fun, chasing that woman, her screams were like a melody to his ears. If Haute Couture was not so determined in killing her, he would do it himself just for the fun of it; after all, Amélie Dufayel was someone who represented the kind of people he hated the most, and just like that kind of people, she deserved to suffer.

Using his powers, he would change his appearance to get near her, as she looked for a place to hide, and then, revealed his true appearance to her, scaring her even more. It was game of cat and mouse they were playing, and that now deserted and chaotic part of the event, proved to be the perfect place to play it. There were so many places she could hide, as well as places for him to wait for the right moment to show up and scare her.  

“There’s nowhere to run or hide… I’ll find you!” -he yelled, making Amélie’s skin crawl, and his heart beat with anticipation.

It did not take him long to find her once more, as she was exhausted and her heart was beating like a drum. She wanted to get away from that lizard man, as she was calling Reptile in her mind, but her body did not have any more energy. All she wanted was to lay down and die, right there.

“I’d love to keep this going on for a little longer, but this infernal music is starting to make me go nuts, and I have a job to do.” -Reptile told her, smiling menacingly at her with his pointy teeth. But, she was already too tired to react, that he could have gobbled her up or just eat one of her arms, that she would not offer any kind of resistance.

As he was about to grab her, another one of Forest Doe’s arrows prevented him from doing it so, as Jade Turtle created a sort of sphere around Amélie, using his ability to create turtle-shaped energy shields.

“Keep away from the lady, you snake!” -Jade Turtle told him.

“Because if you don’t, you’re going to regret it.” -Chat Noir warned him.      

“One more step, and I’ll pierce your eyes with my arrows, you hear me?!” -Forest Doe told Reptile, not taking her eyes from him.

“You really don’t know when to give up do you?” -Reptile said, as he took out his trademark blade, and got ready to fight them. –“Neither do I…”

“You’re going to fight us?” -Jade Turtle asked him.

“No… I’m going to skin you alive. And I’m going to start with you, pretty girl, then the kitty cat, and finally, I’ll peel off that suit out of you and make turtle soup out of you!” -Reptile warned the three of them, of his intentions.  

“Oh, I’m shaking in my boots…” -Jade Turtle told him, sarcastically. –“If you’re going to attack us, then do it already. I got plans for tonight, so hurry up!!”

Not giving him time to think about his next comment, Reptile threw himself at them, using both his knife, as well as his jaws to attack the three of them at the same time. Luckily, thanks to their fast moves, Reptile was not able to land a single hit on them. Still, they all noticed, especially Chat and Turtle, that he was faster and his thrusts were more accurate than they were the first time they fought him.

Inside the makeshift sphere, Amélie Dufayel had regained some of her and was now watching the three heroes fighting Reptile. She had heard about them and read about them in the papers and on the Internet. When Gargantua and Hawk Moth showed up, she was in Japan, promoting one of her latest designs, and initially thought that everything had been just an elaborate publicity stunt for a film. And now, she was seeing first hand that they were all real, and were trying to save her. But soon, something else caught her attention, and that something was actually someone. Across from where they were, was the man she called her archenemy and rival, Gabriel Agreste, who looked incredibly

“Gabriel Agreste, you swine! This is all your fault!” -she screamed on top of her lungs to the designer, who heard her. –“You heard me! This is all your fault!

The fashion designer, who had been helping people out, while making sure that no one from his staff would be left behind, only saw what was going on, when he heard Amélie’s voice calling his name among all that noise.  

“That’s right! It’s your fault!” -Amélie Dufayel pointed at him.

“Dad? What he’s still doing here?” -Chat asked himself, seeing his father just a dozen meters from him.  

“Well, well, someone else to play with.” -Reptile smirked, as he noticed Gabriel’s presence. –“And if that woman says that he’s the real one who’s to blame for Haute Couture’s transformation, well, maybe she’ll want to take care of him as well…”

Reptile was about to ditch the three heroes to make a run for Gabriel and make him his hostage, when Antelope showed up and punched him in the face, at a speed worthy of the Flash himself. The speed at which Reptile was hit, made him fly a couple of meters into the air, and landing on pile of chairs.

“Don’t you just hate that guy?” -Antelope joked.  

“What are you doing here? Weren’t you supposed to be helping the others evacuating this place?” -Forest Doe asked, after seeing him.

“They got everything under control. You guys on the other hand, could use a little hand.” -he told her, when he noticed Gabriel’s presence. –“Mr. Agreste, a pleasure to meet you. Big fan of your work.” -Antelope tried making conversation, to get him to relax little and understand that they were there to help him.  

“T-Thank you, I guess.”

“I don’t know what you’re doing here, sis, but you can’t stay here.”

“I-I can’t go… I have to go and see if my son and his friends are alright.”

“If you tell me where they are, I can go and see if they’re alright. But you, you’ve got to get out of here.” -Antelope told him.

“Listen, I don’t like to be given orders, especially by strangers. Now, I’m going to get my son and his friends, and then I’m leaving.” -Gabriel Agreste told Antelope.

“Leave him there! I’m the victim around here!” -Amélie Dufayel yelled at the heroes. –“You heard me! Get me out of here!”

“You got to get my dad out of here.” -Chat whispered to Jade Turtle. –“I can’t have him getting hurt.”

“But how are we going to do that? He won’t go without you and the rest of us.” -Jade Turtle reminded him. Gabriel would never leave without taking his son with him, and they both knew that.

Chat was about to answer him, when Reptile grabbed Gabriel Agreste from behind and placed his blade against the man’s neck. Taking advantage of the heroes’ distraction and Dufayel’s incessant screams, he moved past them and take Chat’s dad as his hostage. Smirking, he said:

“Back away! Do it, or this guy gets it!” -Reptile told them, as he gently pressed the switchblade against Gabriel’s neck. Hearing him, Antelope backed away. –“I’m going to take him and woman there out of here, and you’re not going to stop me… Because if you do, I’ll cut off his neck. No, better yet, I’ll rip off his neck.” -he said, as he opened his mouth as wide as he could, showing his pointy teeth. –“I warn you, I’m not kidding! Get the woman out of that sphere you created around her and back away!”

Feeling that he had heard enough, Antelope used once more his speed to take Reptile down, only this time, he used a fast series of punches to take him down. Then, he caught some wire that was around and tied him up like a Christmas goose. All of that in less than ten seconds. The only thing he did not expect was to also hit Gabriel Agreste, who blacked out and fell on the ground.

“Don’t worry, he’s alright. He’s just out.” -Antelope told them. –“Sorry about that, Mr. Agreste, it was not my intention to hurt you.” -he whispered at the unconscious man.

“That’ll make things easier. If he stays out cold until we finish this, then we won’t have to worry about him finding out we’re not in the trailer.” -Chat Noir thought to himself. –“Okay, then let’s get him out of here, as well as Miss Dufayel. It’s obvious they’re not safe here.”

Jade Turtle created another sphere out of his shields around Gabriel Agreste, who was still unconscious. While he did that, Antelope traded places with Dragonfly and told her to take Arachnid with her. Chat quickly told them what they were supposed to do, and the two of them did exactly it. Using his lasso, Arachnid wrapped it around the two spheres and then tied a nose, so Dragonfly could hoist them into the air. The plan was to get them both out of there, while keeping them safe in those energy spheres, in case something worst happened.  

“What are you waiting for?! Get me out of here!” -Amélie Dufayel yelled at them.

“I’m starting to understand why Haute Couture was akumatized… this woman’s getting on my nerves!” -Dragonfly thought to herself.  –“Just one moment, please. We’ll get you and Mr. Agreste out of here in a minute.” -she said, trying to be as polite as she could.

“Who cares about him?! It’s because of him that this whole thing started I the first place! If I were you, I would just leave him

“Yeah, well, we’re not you, lady, and he’s coming with us.” -Arachnid told her, already fed up of that conversation.  

“What about him?” -Forest Doe asked, pointing at Reptile who was still unconscious and tied up.

“He’s not going anywhere. We’ll come back for him, later. Right now, we’re getting out of here.” -Jade Turtle told her.


While Chat and the others began their plan to get both Amélie Dufayel and his dad out of there, Ladybug, Grizzly Bear, Volpina and Louve Grise had taken the fight with Haute Couture outside. Making use of Volpina’s illusionary powers, she created duplicates of the four of them, and with them, they tried to exhaust her as much as they could. Still, it did not take long for Haute Couture to see through their tricks and take down the duplicates.

“You’re good, I’ll give you all that. But a genius such as myself, has always a trick up its sleeve.” -she smiled maliciously at them. The trick she had was sure to tilt the scale to her advantage, and to cause numerous problems to the miraculous holders.
Suite Aerobics
This one here was commissioned by me to :iconsnowfake: because I felt in the mood for some 80's/early 90's style art, and well, this came out. Can you imagine if the show had been filmed around that time? Things would have been completely different... and so, we would probably end up seeing London calling Maddie to come to the gym with her for an aerobics class :)
Chapter 11: Haute Couture Attacks!

Reptile had found the perfect target. That girl’s heart was filled rage, anger and bitterness. A winning combination that his master, the insidious Hawk Moth was looking for. He was sure that she would become a fine akuma.

“I must inform the master at once.” -he told himself. Concentrating, he tried to communicate with Hawk Moth through the telepathic link that existed between the vile villain and his lieutenants. Seconds later, he managed to get a hold of him. –“Master, I found it!

Hawk Moth, who was meditating in deep silence, quickly picked up his lieutenant’s thought transmission.

“You did? Excellent work. And who might our victim be?” -Hawk Moth asked, as he used his powers to see through the eyes of Reptile. –“Ah, what a lovely girl, and I can sense a huge amount of hate and rage in her heart, with a few sprinkles of disrespect… what a lovely mix. Don’t let her out of your sight. I will send you a present for her, in just a minute.” -he ordered Reptile, as he broke the psychic link.  

Getting up from his armchair, he took the moment to inhale the almost intoxicating smell of incense that he had been burning, in the air, before heading to where his Akuma Butterflies rested. Approaching the glass dome, he touched the icy-cold glass and smiled, as he looked at his precious creations. Using his powers, his right hand began to glow, enabling him to pass through the glass and gently grab one of the butterflies. Holding it in his hand, he then created an energy sphere around it.

“My beautiful creation, it is time for you to do what you were created for.” -Hawk Moth said, as he gently touched the sphere with his fingertips. Concentrating, he made it disappear, just to reappear in front of Reptile. –“You know what you must do.” -he said telepathically to Reptile.

“Yes, master.” -Reptile acknowledge, breaking the psychic link.    

Closing in on her, Reptile changed his appearance once more to keep a low profile. Taking on the appearance of an old gardener, he followed Nina as she walked across the Champ de Mars. Finally, she stopped, and he hid himself behind a tree, waiting to see what her next move was going to be, as the wind started to rise, blowing hard from the west.  

Nina took a seat on one of the garden benches. The hatred she was feeling for her former boss was quite big, and though a part of her was telling her the woman did not even deserved her vengeful thoughts, the other part was telling her that Amélie deserved to be taught a lesson, and that she should be the one to teach it to her. And the more she looked at what was left of her sketches, the more she was inclined to agree with the part that wanted to teach her a lesson.

“What a witch… if I could, I’d make her pay for what she did to me, and pretty much everyone else she bullied.” -Nina said out loud.

“Time for you to do your job…” -Reptile said, as he released the Akuma butterfly from its bubble and let it fly.

The dastardly black insect flapped its wings and flew towards Nina, who was too distracted to see it approaching. And even if she had been focused, she would have never heard it approaching from behind. Landing on Nina’s back, a sudden wave of energy coursed through her body, making her eyes glow purple. She was now under Hawk Moth’s control.  

“Good afternoon, my dear. I’m Hawk Moth and I have a proposition for you.” -Hawk Moth talked to her through telepathy. –“If you do me a favour, I’ll give you the power to exact revenge on those who have made you cry. Would you be interested?”

“Yes, Hawk Moth.” -she answered.

“Very well, then. What I want you to do is to cause chaos and mayhem to attract those infernal members of the Miraculous Team. Your mission is to capture them, and then destroy them as well as those infernal miraculouses.”

“I will do as you command, Hawk Moth.”

“Then… rise, Haute Couture! Go and exact your revenge!!!”

With those words, Nina’s body was fully enveloped by a cloud of black purplish smoke. When this dissipated, Nina had changed. She now had icy-blue spiky hair, light-grey skin, and was wearing a red suit covering her arms, legs and neck, along with an icy-blue long-coat with a high collar with spiky ends. She also wore white long boots with red high heels.

“So, that witch, she thinks that coming from me, no design is good enough?! Then, we’ll see about that! Everyone will wear my clothes and love them… and then, when I find her, I’ll make her pay for what she did to me!” -Haute Couture said, as she saw a pair of old folks near her. They were both wearing what she considered dreadful clothes. Out of style, bland colours… and that would just not do. –“You! Those clothes will just not do! You need a proper makeover!”

Using her powers, she shot a blue beam from her index finger that hit both elders enveloping them in a blue aura. A few seconds later, the aura disappeared, revealing that they were now wearing clothes like the ones she was wearing. They looked fancy, but they restrained their movements, making it impossible for them to take a step without falling on their faces.

When she was turned into Haute-Couture, her fashion sense was heightened to the point that whatever clothes she would produce with her powers, they would all look hideous. But not to her eyes. To her eyes, they were perfect and she was going to make sure everyone would know that, and would wear them.  

“Yes, perfection!” -Haute Couture said, as she noticed a group of people approaching her. –“You! You also need a proper makeover. Those clothes won’t do!”

Everyone that appeared in her field of vision was instantly hit with her “fashion beam” and their clothes would change into ghastly and garish versions of the same. Even dogs and cats that happened to be passing by would also get their collars turned into the most ridiculous outfits one could imagine. As she did this, she would continue to laugh like a maniac.

“Well, I guess that’s enough beautifying for now… After all, I must not keep a certain someone waiting.” -she said, referring to her former boss.

A girl who managed to avoid her, had taken refuge behind one of the trees and was now calling the police. It did not take her long to put two and two together and figure out that what was going on had something to do with the mysterious terrorist Hawk Moth.

“Please, pick up….” -she said.

“112, what is your emergency?”

“I think there is someone or something related to that Hawk Moth terrorist here I the Champ de Mars.” -the girl said.

“Can you describe it?”

“It’s a woman that… I know this will sound crazy, but she’s shooting beams out of her fingers and it’s changing everyone’s clothes!”

“Remain calm. We’ll send in a police car to see what’s going on.”

“One car?! Send in the whole army! This woman is dangerous!” -the girl exclaimed, thinking about what happened when Hawk Moth released Gargantua in the city.

At the same time, a brother and a sister, who upon seeing Haute Couture and what she was doing, decided to hide behind a jeep that was parked there, so as to escape her sight. Though the girl was frightened, her brother was not and was determined to be the first one to photograph her and post it online.    

“What are you doing?”

“Photographing her and posting it on Facebook. And I’m also sending it to the Miraculous Blog.” -he told his sister

“Are you kidding me?! That maniac is doing, God knows what, and you’re photographing her, so you can post it online?!”

“She’s just turning people’s clothes into uglier versions of the same. I don’t think that’s the most dangerous thing in the world…”

But little did he know that the worst was still to come, and all those whose clothes had been changed by Haute Couture’s fashion beam, were going to play an important part in it. She was making her way to where the Paris Fashion Week event was taking place, when a police car showed up and stopped in front of her, blocking her path. Exiting the car, the two police officers tried to understand if that earlier call had been just a prank or if it was real. Ever since Gargantua had appeared, the emergency lines had been receiving tons of fake phone calls and prank calls. Still, after seeing what she had done to some of the people that were now trying to either trying to get up from the ground or move in some of the weirdest looking clothes they had ever seen.

“Okay, lady, stop right there!” -said one of the policemen.

“Oh, the police… I must say that I’m impressed that you are already here.” -haute Couture smirked. –“And good thing too, because those outfits just won’t do. They’re so out of fashion!”

Saying that, she used her powers once more and changed both policemen’s uniforms into garish versions of themselves, making them fall on their faces.

“S-Stop.” -one of the policemen ordered her, as he tried to get up.

“Sorry, but fashion waits for no one!” -Haute Couture laughed manically, as she left them.

When they both finally managed to get back on their feet, they tried to take off those clothes, but they would not come out. It was if they were glued to them by magic or something. Knowing what they had in hands was too much just for the two of them, they decided to call for back-up.

“Dispatch, we have a code 57 in Champ de Mars, I repeat, we have a code 57 in Champ de Mars. The suspect is heading towards the Paris Fashion Week site. Send everything you got. We’re going to try and capture the suspect.”

Inside, the event was going on without any disturbances. The Dolce & Gabbana show was about to start and Marinette, along with Chloé Alya and Sabrina, was seated in front of the runway. She was stunned by the sheer beauty of every dress. Seeing them, just made her even more eager for the day when she would start to work on the fashion business herself.

“So beautiful…” -Marinette told herself, as she admired the clothes.

It seemed like that was going to be the perfect Saturday, and then, Alya got an email alert on her cell phone. Checking it, she saw it was something that had been sent for her blog. She would usually just ignore it and see what it was later. But on that moment, something told her to open it, right there. And to her surprise, she saw that someone had seen one of Hawk Moth’s akumas, near where they were.

“Girls, we got trouble.” -Alya whispered to Marinette and the others.

“Trouble?” -Marinette asked her.

“What kind of trouble?” –Chloé asked, overhearing the two of them.

“The Miraculous kind.” -Alya declared.

“You mean?” -Marinette said.

“Yeah…” -Alya waved her head. –“This was just sent into my blog.” -she showed them the photo that depicted Haute Couture.

“Are you sure this isn’t some prank?” -Chloé asked her. –“Because I’m really enjoying myself, right now.”

Before Alya could answer her, a loud scream was heard, followed by a group of people running like maniacs, to which more joined in.

“I don’t think it’s a prank, Chloé.” -Sabrina told her.

“We’ve got to go and find the others.” -Marinette told them.

“Way ahead of you.” -Chloé said, as she grabbed Sabrina by the wrist and started looking for a way back to the backstage area, while dragging the redhead with her.

“Wait for us!” -Alya exclaimed, as she and Marinette tried their best to move through that panicking crowd.  

As the four heroines tried their best to meet up with the rest of their team, Haute Couture was having a blast, changing everyone’s clothes, while looking for the one who she felt was the cause of all her troubles… her old boss, Amélie Dufayel.

“No, that will not do!” -she used her powers to change the clothes of an entire group of people that was in front of her. –“There, much better.” -she cackled evilly. –“But that’s enough for now. I’ve got a score to settle with a certain someone.”

She knew where Amélie was, and she knew just what she would be doing. She would be cursing everyone for her bad luck… everyone, except herself. Heading to the part of the backstage where she would be, Haute Couture saw her path blocked by yet another group of security guards. She had taken care of a few of them, who were determined to not let her through, when she entered the event.

“You just don’t take a hint, do you?” -she asked the security guards, who were pointing their taser guns at her. -Then again, with outfits like those, you can’t be very smart, now can you?”

“Stay where you are!” -one of the security guards ordered her.

“I don’t take orders from insignificant fools like you!” -she yelled at them, as she displayed yet another power. The fabrics that composed the security guards’ clothes began to change, and soon, the uniforms were turned into straitjackets. –“And now… begone!!!!”

Taking control of their clothes, she held them in the air, and then tossed them to the side as if they were ragdolls.

“And now, for you, Amélie.” -Haute Couture said, as she made her way to the backstage area.    

Amélie Dufayel was so caught up in her thoughts, that she did not hear the whole commotion outside. She still could not believe that Gabriel Agreste had beaten her once more. With so much hate inside her, she tried to concentrate on her work. She had told her other assistants, as well as the seamstresses to leave her alone with the Rosenberg dress, so she could see for herself if the dress needed something extra to it. The Rosenberg had been conceived as a dinner dress, but after she redesigned it, it looked more like a wedding dress, than anything else. She needed to concentrate on something, so as to not go mad with rage. The producers responsible for the event had told her that they decided that the Gabriel brand was more in vogue that year, and so, it should be Gabriel Agreste to close the event, and not hers, adding that even if they wanted to change things at the last minute, it would be impossible at that point. If they had been in the same room as her, she would have mostly likely snapped their necks.  

“So, they think that they can just switch things, without having me in consideration, is it?” -she thought to herself. –“Well, then I’ll show them that my show is better than that pompous swine! Once they see the Rosenberg on the runway receiving all the applauses, they will understand the big mistake they made!”

As she was about to take a new line cart, she began to hear noises and screams outside. Still, she decided to ignore them, and go back to work, when someone knocked at the door.  

“I don’t want to be disturbed.” -she said, only to hear knocking at the door once more, this time with a lot more strength. -“I said, I don’t want to be disturbed!“

Saying that, someone knocked at the door once more, and this time it felt more like

“ARE YOU STUPID OR WHAT?! WHAT PART OF I DON’T WANT TO BE DISTURBED, CAN’T YOU GET?!” -she yelled, as she went to open the door. Opening it, she was scared by what she saw in front of her. A strange woman with pale blue skin and icy-blue hair and wearing what she considered to be the clothes with the most extravagant style she had ever seen in her whole life.

“Hello, Amélie…” -the strange woman said, as she walked in, making her fall back.  

“W-Who are you?!” -Amélie asked, as the enigmatic woman entered, always staring at her in the eyes.

“Don’t you recognize me?! Of course, you don’t, I changed quite a bit… But, then again, you only care about yourself, so why would you care or remember someone like me? Someone who did everything you told her to do, someone whose talent means nothing to you? Someone, who was humiliated just a little while ago…” -Haute Couture practically whispered her the last part to her ear.

“N-Nina?” -Amélie asked her, puzzled by her new appearance.

“That’s right… but please, call me Haute Couture.” -the villainess smirked. –“Oh, you were making a couple of adjustments to the Rosenberg, weren’t you?” -she asked her. –“It’s a pity that no one will ever see it…”

“What do you think you’re going to do?”

“What I should have done the minute you fired me!!!” -she snapped at her former boss.

Making appear out of thing air several pairs of scissors, these were hovering in the air, when Haute Couture told them telepathically to start cutting and shredding the Rosenberg dress. In a matter of seconds, the once gorgeous dress was reduced to a pile of rags in front of their eyes.

“M-MY DRESS!!!!!” -Amélie yelled, as she saw the Rosenberg being reduced to a pile of useless rags.

“Your dress?! Ha! How dare you call that thing your dress, when the only thing you did was shout out orders of how you wanted things to be, to me and the seamstresses, while we were drawing the sketches?!” -Haute Couture asked her. –“If anyone here deserves credit for it, it should be me, you witch!” -she said. –“And now, run…”


“Run. It’ll be far more amusing to watch you run and beg for your life, than just stabbing you in the heart with a pair of scissors and watch you bleed out.” -Haute Couture told her in a low deep menacing voice. –“Now, run!!! -she yelled, throwing two pairs of scissors against her, which missed her face and left arm by a couple of inches.

While the chase started, Hawk Moth observed it from his private chambers. Using his powers, he had created an enormous bubble that served as a window to the outside world. In it, he was watching Haute Couture causing chaos and havoc; and the more chaos and havoc she caused, the more energy he absorbed from her. He was amazed by the akuma she had become… he knew she would become a strong one, but not as strong as she was revealing herself. It was time like these that he truly believed that hate and anger are the most powerful and unpredictable feelings one can have.

“It shouldn’t be long now… the Miraculous Team should be appearing any minute now.” -he said out loud, when there was a knocking at his door. –“Come in.”

“You called me, master?” -Madame Romani asked him, as she entered his chamber.

“I did. I wanted you to be here, so you could witness the end of the Miraculous Team.” -he told her, as she approached him.

“So, Reptile did manage to find someone to be akumatized… about time…” -she thought to herself, as looked at what was happening in the bubble. –“Is that the new akuma, master?”

“Yes… I called her Haute Couture, and I must say that she’s revealing herself far more powerful than I anticipated.” -Hawk Moth grinned. –“But, at this rate, she’ll kill that woman before those blasted kids show up. I’ll have to tell Reptile to make sure that doesn’t happen. We wouldn’t want the party to end just yet.” -he said, as he contacted Reptile through telepathy. –“Reptile, do you hear me?”

“Yes, master, I do.” -Reptile communicated. He had been following Haute Couture from a far, and had now infiltrated back into the event.

“Listen, carefully. I need you to make sure that Haute Couture does not kill that woman, before Ladybug and her friends show up to spoil everything.” -Hawk Moth ordered him. –“I’m counting on you.”

“I understand, and do not fret, master. I know just how to do that.” -Reptile said, as he broke contact with Hawk Moth.

The rest of the gang had returned to the VIP area, where they kept talking with Adrien. They were all alone in there now, as the critic and the photographer had left. They were enjoying each other’s company, when started to hear the commotion outside and wondered what was going on.

“What do you think it’s happening?” -Max asked them.

“I don’t know, but it seems to me like it’s something really bad.” -Rose said.

“Do you think one of the critics went berserk after seeing something he didn’t like?” -Kim joked about.  

“Highly doubtful.” -Alix told him.

“Maybe one of us should go and see what’s going on.” -Juleka suggested.

“No need for that. I’ll call Alya and ask her what’s going on.” -Nino said, as he took out his cell phone, when Alya, Marinette, Sabrina and Chloé walked in. They looked an utter mess. Seeing them like that, Nino had to ask. –“What happened?”

“One moment… got to… catch up my breath…” -Marinette said, as she gulped for air.

“What happened?” -

“Bad news, guys. We got a code Mandarin!” -Alya exclaimed.

“Code what?” -Kim asked her.

“Code Mandarin.” -Alya repeated.

“And what it is a code Mandarin?” -Kim asked, confused.

“Seriously, Kim? Weren’t you paying attention when we discussed this?! A code Mandarin means that we got an akumatized nearby!” –Alya scolded him.

“Well, excuse me if I didn’t pay attention to that, when you were talking about it.” -Kim told her. –“I mean, it’s not like I broke one of the ten commandments!”

“Never mind that, we got to find a place to transform and stop whatever Hawk Moth has thrown at us.” -Mylene told them. Just thinking about it, was making her nervous. Luckily for her, to make her nerves disappear, she just had to hum her happy song, Smelly Wolf.

“But, where do we find a place big enough for us to do that, without risking the possibility of seeing us transform?” -Nathaniel asked them.

Before anyone could answer Nathaniel’s question, Gabriel Agreste entered the room. He was looking rather distressed, like he had seen a ghost or something.

“Adrien!” -Gabriel exclaimed. –“Get to the trailer and hide yourself there.”

“W-What’s going on, dad?” -Adrien pretended he did not know what was going on.

“I don’t know, but I don’t want you here. Head to the trailer and take your friends with you. And lock the door!” -Gabriel ordered him, before he once more disappeared through the door.

“I guess that answers your question.” -Nino told him.

“Then, what are we waiting for? Let’s go!” -Alya told them.

Reaching the trailer was no picnic, especially since chaos had settled in and there was no kind of order. Among screams and yells, the group made their way to the place in question, led by Adrien. When they reached it, the blond quickly unlocked it and let everyone in, before locking the door behind him. The place was a little tight for all of them, but there was still some space to move at will.

“What’s the plan?” -Adrien asked, as the screams outside became louder.

“What do we know about this akuma?” -Sabrina asked.

“The only thing we know is that it looks like this and according to the message that was attached to the photo, she’s changing everyone’s clothes into garish versions of the same.” -the brunette showed them the photo on her cell phone.

“How are we going to tackle her?” -Juleka asked.

“I don’t know yet. We need more info. Let’s transform first, and then we’ll think about it, okay? -Marinette answered her.

“Are you guys ready?” -Alya asked the kwamis.

“Yeah!” -all the kwamis exclaimed.

“Okay, then let’s do this… Tikki, transforme moi!” –Marinette exclaimed.

“Plagg, transforme moi!” –“Adrien exclaimed.

“Trixx, transforme moi!” –Alya exclaimed.

“Wayzz, transforme moi!” –Nino exclaimed.

“Pollen, transforme moi!” –Chloé exclaimed.

“Mika, transforme moi!” –Sabrina exclaimed.

“Mulan, transforme moi!” –Nathaniel exclaimed.

“Pin, transforme moi!” –Mylene exclaimed.

“Flint, transforme moi!” –Rose exclaimed.

“Tamara, transforme moi!” –Juleka exclaimed.

“Ari, transforme moi!” –Max exclaimed.

“Imp, transforme moi!” –Kim exclaimed.

“Daria, transforme moi!” –Alix exclaimed.

“Muria, transforme moi!” –Ivan exclaimed.  

With those words, the whole gang transformed into their superhero alter-egos, ready for some serious action.  

“Let’s do this!” -Ladybug exclaimed to the others.

“Yeah, we got a city to protect!” -Dragonfly exclaimed.

“Just one question… how do we get out from here without being spotted?” -Flamingo asked.  
Miraculous Team: Haute Couture - Chapter 11
Here's one more chapter, and we're about to start the big fight! But, you'll have to wait until next week, because I'll be gone for a couple of days. My mom's anniversary is in 2 days, and I have a ton of things to prepare for the occasion.

In the meantime, start making popcorn, because you're going to need something to eat while reading this battle. :)
Chapter 10: Target Sighted

It was the last day of Paris Fashion Week, and the stakes were high. Throughout the week, designers had showed what they were capable of through their art. But it was time to get to the really juicy stuff. Though every designer and fashion house gets a say on what was in and out on a season, only four or five had the final word on what was going to be absolutely fashionable. On that day, the best of the best was going to show their latest collections and decide what was going to be trendy, and what was going to stay in the closet for the next six months. There was excitement in the air, mixed with smell of champagne and perfume, while the iconic song Love by Kazaky was on. Photographers were ready with their cameras, as fashion critics prepared themselves for what they were going to judge over the next few hours, and most importantly, in the backstage, models were getting ready to go on the runway. Everyone’s nerves were on the fritz… everyone, except for Marinette’s and her friends, who had been invited to attend the event, on behalf of Adrien’s dad.

When they arrived, Adrien took them to the VIP area that had been assigned for the guests of the Gabriel brand. Feeling the trailer, he had been spending those last few days in was too small for him and his friends, he took them there, where he knew they would be more comfortable and at ease. The only persons who were there besides them were a photographer his dad had invited from Russia, so he could photograph the models that were to appear on the runway that afternoon. The other was a fashion critic, who was also an old friend of Gabriel Agreste. The two were too busy with their own things to even notice the group of teenagers that entered there.

The girls were really excited to attend the event; or at least most of them. Alya and Alix, who were not into fashion. They had come because Adrien had invited them and they wanted to spend some time with him. The boys too were not very excited about the event itself. Not even Nathaniel with his artist soul was excited to be there. Though he liked fashion, he was no expert and liked to think that each person was entitled to create their own fashion. Still, there were two things that they liked about that event. First, it was being around Adrien and keeping him company, and the second was the catering. There was a lot to choose from in the buffet near them. Finger sandwiches, various hot and cold salads, foie gras, spring rolls, quiche Lorraine, macarons, croissants, among many other things. Plus, there were also a few of exotic dishes like sliced Norwegian salmon with boiled quail eggs, Beluga caviar, fried Indonesian calamari, melon with Italian prosciutto, a table of cheeses, among others. There were also glass jars filled with milk, orange, mango, papaya and pineapple juice and ice tea. Kim, who had a light lunch before coming to the event, wasted no time. Grabbing a plate, he took a little of everything, without forgetting the spring rolls for Imp, who told him to get some for him.

“Kim wastes no time.” -Alix sighed, as she waved her head.

“Don’t be so hard on him. Let him have his fun. I know that you aren’t exactly on cloud 9 here, Alix.” -Daria told her, as he placed his head out of her pocket to check on the action.

“I came because of Adrien, nothing else. You’ll never see me wearing a dress or something fashionable. I’m the kind of girl that likes these things. To me, clothes need to be practical, not fashionable.”

“You say that now, but believe me, you’ll change… I’ve had a couple of holders that also thought like you do, and later in life, did things they had told themselves would never do.” -Daria told her.

“Believe me, I’m like this ever since I was 3. I haven’t worn a dress since that age, and that’s not going to change.” -Alix told him, as Kim approached with his plate filled with pretty much everything he could place on it. –“You sure you didn’t forget to put anything in that plate?” -she asked him in a sarcastic tone.

“Hey, I’m just trying to have a good time.” -Kim told her, as he literally gulped down a finger sandwich in one bite.

“Cut him some slack, will you? He’s a growing boy.” -Imp told her.

“You’re just saying that, because he’s giving you spring rolls.” -Alix shot at the antelope kwami, who did not have a snappy comeback.  

While those two argued among themselves, the rest of the gang had taken seats in the couches that had been placed there, and were happily talking among themselves, or with Adrien.

“Where’s your dad?” -Juleka asked him.

“Next to the models that are going to go on the runway in a couple of minutes from now.” -Adrien answered. –“He wants this show to be perfect, especially because today he got a call that made his day.”

“How so?” -Alya asked him.

“Well, it was said that it would be his rival, Amélie Dufayel, that would have the honour to close the event with her collection. But, it turns out that it will be my father to have that honour.” –Adrien told her.

“That’s great!” -Marinette exclaimed. She knew that opening or closing an event was one of the highest honours any fashion designer could have, especially an event as important as that one. –“I bet that Amélie Dufayel was pretty upset with that.”

“I don’t think she even knows that she lost that spot. According to what I heard my dad talking about an hour ago with one of the representatives of the event, they hadn’t been able to find her or contact her to give her the news.” -Adrien said. –“But I can tell you this. That woman is going to flip her lid once she finds out… no, no, I take that back. She’s not going to flip her lid. She’s going to have a heart attack, after having a rage attack.”

“The way you describe her, you make her sound like she’s a ravenous monster or something.” -Nino told him.

“Oh, she isn’t one, but she yells and screams like one.” -Plagg, who was inside one of Adrien’s pockets, said. –“I was in Adrien’s room, and I could hear her yell from the dining room.”

“I can only imagine how that woman is.” -Wayzz said.

“Indeed… but you know what? I didn’t ask my dad to invite you here, so we could talk about that woman all day. Do you guys want to something cool?”

“Can I finish eating first?” -Kim asked Adrien, with his mouth full, as he and Alix joined them.

“Kim, manners!” -Chloé shot at him, as Alix rolled her eyes.

“Sorry…” -Kim told her, as he gulped what he had in his mouth.

“Never mind him. What do you want to show us?” –Chloé asked him, curious.  

“Well, it’s kind of top secret… my dad doesn’t even want anyone around it, afraid that they might spoil the surprise.” -Adrien said.

“Then, it must be something really big.” -Alya said.

“Come on, I’ll show you… and Kim, leave the plate behind.” -Adrien joked with Kim, as he stuffed his mouth with another spring roll, making everyone laugh of him.

On the backstage, things were starting to get confusing and conflicting with the amount of people walking around, getting ready for the last round, and everything had to be perfect.

“Where’s your bodyguard?” -Nino asked the blond.

“It’s his day-off, and I’m glad it is. I can’t go anywhere with him serving as my shadow.” -Adrien chuckled, while he imagined his bodyguard as a shadow, glued to him all the time.

Passing by a couple of rooms where the models were all getting ready, he spotted his father on the last one. He was talking to Nathalie, who was scribbling something in her notepad, while waving yes or no with her head. Whatever they were talking about, it must have been important because Nathalie was not smiling, and that only happened when the subject was incredibly serious. Still, he had no time to stay and find out what it was all about. If his dad found out that he was going to show his top-secret project to his friends, without his permission, he would be grounded until the end of the year. Finally, they reached their destination. It was a door just like the others in that corridor. Whoever passed by it, would never suspect that what was inside was incredibly secret and important to Gabriel Agreste. Opening the door, Adrien revealed what was inside. To their surprise, what was inside were a handful of mannequins dressed in clothes; all of them were beautiful and stylish. One with a trained eye would have identified Gabriel Agreste’s style a mile away… the man had a distinguishable, if not unique style to his art. The majesty of how he matched the colours with the urban and youthful style of the clothes was amazing. Even those who did not appreciate fashion, would have to admit that the damn clothes were super pretty.  

“Wow, these are beautiful.” -Sabrina said.

“But wait a minute, this is denim… are these…” -Marinette said, as she got close to one of the mannequins and touched the fabric.

“His autumn/winter collection? Yup, that’s his big surprise for today.” -Adrien said,

“But why?” -Alya asked him. She knew it was not custom for designers to present collections ahead of time.

“I don’t know. I think he just wanted to cause a sensation, by presenting his collection ahead of schedule.” -Adrien shrugged his shoulders.

“Well, whatever his reason is, these are beautiful.” -Marinette declared. –“I wish I had thought of these during one of my free afternoons.” -she said, as she kept admiring them.

“They really beautiful.” -Tikki said, as she flew around, looking at all the clothes. –“I wouldn’t mind wearing a scarf like this one, if they made it in kwami size. -she chuckled, as she wrapped her tiny little hand around an orange and blue scarf that was on one of the mannequins.  

“Fashionable, yet practical.” -Alix said. –“I don’t believe I’m actually thinking this, but I wouldn’t mind wearing one of these…” -she thought to herself, as she imagined herself wearing one of the hoodies. –“… wait! I can’t say that out loud, or I’ll have to admit that Daria was right.”

“What did you say, Alix?” -Daria asked her.

“I-I said that they’re fashionable yet practical, but they’re definitely not my style.” -Alix quickly came up with an answer for her kwami.

“I, on the other hand love this one dress.” -Mylene said, as she admired the black and white denim dress with frills –“I can’t believe that your dad designed this for people who are a little chubbier, like me.” -she told Adrien.

“I was also surprised when I saw these being taken here this morning. I think that anyone of us would find something here that would fit us.” -Adrien said.

“I think you’d look really lovely in that dress, Mylene.” -Pin told her.

“Thanks. I think I would too.” -she thanked her kwami.

“Wouldn’t it be great if we all had the chance to go on the runway wearing some of these clothes?” -Chloé asked her friends.

“I would really love it… but, I don’t know. I’m a little bit shy about going up on a stage in front of everyone.” -Sabrina said.

“Oh, Sabrina, you don’t have to be shy about it.” -Chloé told her. –“You just need to pretend you’re in your Louve Grise costume.”

“She’s right. You’re not afraid of anything or anyone when you transform, kiddo.” -Mika told her, agreeing with the blonde.

“When you put it that way…” -Sabrina smiled.

“Still, the odds of anyone of us ever getting the chance to put on these clothes and walk on a runway are these: slim and none, and slim might have already left town by now.” -Max joked about it.

“Probabilities and mathematical chancer ae your forte, after all.” -Ari joked.

“Well, dreaming it’s still free, so I guess we can dream about it, at least.” -Marinette said. After seeing those clothes, she really wanted to try at least one of the pieces… a jacket, a skirt or even a dress, she was not picky. All of them would look great on her, or her friends.

“I can tell you this… your father’s going to make headlines this evening.” -Alya told him.

“And the best part is that we have front seats to watch it, girl.” -Trixx told her.

“You mean, we have them, not you guys.” -Alya told her.

“Oh, come on, we’re like your shadows. You guys aren’t going to leave us somewhere, while you enjoy yourselves, are you?” -Flint asked her.

“She’s just kidding, Flint. Of course, you can see it with us.” -Rose told him, calming the flamingo kwami down.

“Well, one of you will have to take me to the show, because Adrien here is going to be part of it.” -Plagg declared.

“You are?” -Ivan asked him. –“You didn’t tell us that, man.”

“I actually forgot about it, to tell you the truth.” -Adrien admitted.

“What will you be wearing, Adrikins?” -Chloé asked him, calling by the nickname she had given him, which made Marinette jealous for a moment. Although Chloé and her were now on good terms, she still did not like when the blonde called Adrien like that. It reminded her of the times she flirted with him.

“I’ll be wearing one of the outfits from the summer collection. My dad created it while thinking of me, so, I’ll be the one walking on the runway with it.” -Adrien admitted.  

“In that case, Plagg can stay in my purse. Tikki won’t mind and won’t either, right Tikki?” -Marinette asked her kwami.

“Of course, not. Just as long as he doesn’t start eating cheese around me.” –Tikki answered.

“For you, milady, I won’t touch a single piece of cheese today.” -Plagg joked about it

“Anyways, we better get back. I don’t want to get caught here by my dad.” -Adrien told the others.  


At the same time, Reptile was walking around, looking for someone who’s heart was the right one to be akumatized. Usually, when not finding what one’s looking for in a place, the sensible thing to do is to look for it on another place. But not Reptile, he believed that sooner or later, he would find just what he was looking for right there. All he needed to do was to be patient… Still, he knew that his time was running low. He had been warned by Hawk Moth that if he did not find one suitable target for his Akuma butterflies, that he would be severely punished.

Taking on all kinds of disguises, he went everywhere, looking for the one target he deemed perfect. Over the days he scouted that event, he had found numerous possible targets to be akumatized. But, none of them had the exact feeling needed to fuel an Akuma butterfly. As passed by a group of photographers who were photographing one of the event’s guests, the words that Madame Romani spoken to him on the previous night, echoed in his head.

“Tick tock… tick tock… you’re running late. I sincerely hope you succeed, for our master’s sake. But if you fail, I’ll be glad to show you just how to do the work you’re supposed to do, lizard man.”

Remembering those words made him wonder why he did not slide her open on the spot, after she said that? Probably because that would upset Hawk Moth. Still, his relationship with Madame Romani was becoming bitter and bitter by the minute. The woman made his blood boil as if that one was molten lava. But, he was determined to have the last laugh, by succeeding in that mission he was given. Focusing his senses, he kept looking for someone whose heart he deemed perfect for the job. He was so focused that he accidently went against a security officer.

“Hey, you!”

“Who, me?” -Reptile asked.

“Yeah, you, where’s your pass?”

“My pass? It’s right…” -Reptile said, when he remembered that he was disguised as catering waiter, and had forgotten to change into someone who had access to that part of the event. –“Crud, I got so carried way, I forgot to change my appearance…” -he thought to himself.

“Well, where’s your pass?”

“Screw the pass!” -he pushed the security guard, making him lose his balance and fall on his back.

“Hey, get back here!” -the security guard yelled, as he got up on his feet and started to chase him.

“Smooth, really smooth… if Romani was here, she would be calling you an imbecile for forgetting to do the one thing you’re good at!” -Reptile thought to himself, as he kept running, pushing everyone that stood in its way to the side.

He needed to find a place where he could change his appearance to get rid of that security guard. As he turned the corner, he used his powers to change into someone else. This time, he changed his appearance to that of a reporter with a pass that granted him access to the area he was in. About two seconds later, the security guard passed by him, and he could not help but to smile. It had been too easy for him to get him off his back. As he began to walk way, he was startled, when the security guard called him.

“Hey buddy! Did you see a guy in a red coat and black pants pass by you?”

“Huh, yes. He went that way.” -Reptile quickly pointed to his left.


“Sucker…” -he sighed in relief. For a moment there, he thought that the guy had a sixth sense that told him that Reptile could change his appearance. –“And now, back to work. Master Hawk Moth is counting on me.” -he thought to himself.


Amélie Dufayel was having a day to forget. The stress she had been under those last few days had put her in a bundle of nerves. These nerves made her fall asleep on that day, and because she did not have anyone at home to wake her up, she saw herself late. To make matters worse, when she called her driver, she found out that he had caught the flu and was too sick to come to work. Calling a taxi, she told the cab driver to go as fast as he could, stating that she would double the ride if he could get her to the event in 30 minutes. Putting the pedal to the metal, the driver let greed get the best of him and ended up crossing a red light and hitting another car. Neither him nor Amelie got injured, but the car was not going anywhere. Frustrated with her bad luck, she had no other option than taking the underground to the event.

“How humiliating! Having to go to one of the most important fashion events in the world by underground. Can this day get any worse?! I mean, what did I do to God to have such bad luck on this day?!” -she asked herself, as she sat next to an old man in the train carriage. –“Still, it doesn’t matter… once I get there and show my latest collection, as well as the Rosenberg dress, everyone will be talking about it for weeks to come, and that Agreste will have to settle for being second best!” -she thought to herself.

Unfortunately, she was in for the shock of her life and did not know it, or even dreamed of it. When she finally arrived at the event, she had forgotten her VIP pass at home and security forbid her from getting in.

“Do you know who I am?!”

“Miss, with all due respect, it doesn’t matter if I know who you are or not. I have orders not to let anyone without a pass, and if you don’t have yours, I’m afraid I can’t let you in.” -the security guard told her.

“That is absurd!!!” -she practically screamed on top of her lungs, before reaching for her purse and taking out her cell phone, to call her assistant, Nina. –“Come on, you idiotic girl, pick up!”

Inside, Nina was wondering where her boss was. With all that happened during her absence, she had to be the one in charge of just about everything. Though she wanted her to show up and tell everyone what they were supposed to do. But, at the same time, she did not want her to show up, because then, she would find out that she would not be the one closing the event, but Gabriel Agreste instead, and Nina knew that she was not going to like it. In fact, she was going to explode with anger.

“Is everything ready there? What about the dresses with floral pattern? Make sure that they are ready for the models to put them on.” -Nina continued to delegate tasks to the several people in charge.

Having a couple of seconds for herself, she took out from her knapsack a couple of sketches she had done herself. Her idea had been to show them to her boss on that day, taking advantage of her good mood and ask her to evaluate them. Unfortunately, she now knew that that was not going to happen. Still, she could not help but to look at them, just to give her the courage to go on with the work she was going there, when her cell rang. Placing her sketches on the table in front of her, she grabbed her cell, seeing her boss’ name on its screen. Swallowing dry, she answered the call.


“I left my pass at home. Move those legs of yours and bring me another pass, so this troglodyte here lets me through! Hurry!” -Amélie told Nina, hanging up on her face.

“Lousy witch! Who told her to leave her pass at home?!” -she thought to herself.

Looking for another pass, she found it and then, ran as quickly as she could to the entrance of the event. She had not reached yet the entrance, when she started hearing the yells from her boss. She was calling every name in the book to the poor security guard that did not let her in. Joining him, was his supervisor, who was also losing his patience with Miss Dufayel.

“You listen to me, you brute! I don’t care if I need a pass to get in there! I’m Amélie Dufayel, world-renowned fashion designer, and I demand you let me pass!”

“Miss, with all due respect, unless you can provide us a pass, the rules forbid us to let you in, no matter who you are.” -the supervisor told her.

“You let me through right this instant, or I swear that tomorrow morning you’ll be out of a job!” –Amélie threatened them both.

Just when he was about to repeat the same thing to her, when Nina showed up, bearing a pass in her hand.

“Finally!!! What took you so long, you incompetent?!” -she said, as she practically ripped the pass out of Nina’s hands and showed it to the security guards. –“There! Happy, now?”

After showing the pass, they finally let her in. She wasted no time asking Nina if everything was ready.

“Everything better be in its rightful place… is the Rosenberg ready and has the model arrived? She had better be here already, because I don’t want to hear any excuses from her.” -Amélie told Nina.

“She has arrived and the seamstresses are making the final adjustments to it. You don’t have to worry about that, Miss Dufayel.” -Nina told her, as they made their way to the backstage. –“And, there is one more thing I have to tell you…”

“Give me a moment to get my head on the game, alright?!” -Amélie told her assistant, as she made a couple of moves with her arms and hands, and hummed to herself. –“Today may have started with the wrong foot, but it will end on the right one.” -she said. –“Tonight, I crush Gabriel Agreste’s reputation with my creations.”

“That’s what I wanted to talk about with you.” -Nina said, a little unease. She really did not know how she was going to tell her that she was not going to close the event anymore.

“Then, talk! What’s the matter?!” -Amélie demanded.

“Well, you see… because of a few reasons, regarding the time that it will take, your show won’t close the event anymore.” -Nina told her, waiting for her to start screaming.

“WHAAAAAAAAAT?!!!!!!!! WHAT DID YOU JUST SAY?!!!!” -Amélie yelled on top of her lungs.

“We aren’t going to…”

“HOW DARE THEY DO THAT TO ME?!!!! WHY DIDN’T THEY CALL ME TO INFORM OF THIS?! WHY DIDN’T YOU CALL ME THE MOMEMT YOU FOUND OUT ABOUT IT, YOU STUPID GIRL?!!! -Amélie berated at Nina. She was yelling so loud that every single model that was either on their dressing room or having their make-up done, stepped out to see what was going on.

“I-I tried to call you, as w-well as them, but you wouldn’t pick up the phone.” -Nina said, already shaking like green sticks.

Taking out her phone, she noticed that she had numerous unanswered calls. The reason why that happened was because she had put it on silent mode. Still angry at the news, she tried to calm herself down, but the more she tried, the more nervous she became.

“Who? Who’s going to close the event?”

“It’s… G-Gabriel Agreste, Miss Dufayel.”


Just as she had imagined it, Amélie Dupain became furious when she heard the news and her reaction was way worse than anything she could have pictured in her head. Her eyeballs looked like they could pop out of their sockets at any given moment. Nina tried to calm her down, by going to get her some tea, but not even all the tea in the world would have made a difference. Her hatred for Gabriel Agreste was so great that if he was standing in front of her, she would shred him

“Miss Dufayel, please… try to calm yourself down.” -Nina begged her. She had never seen her boss this angry before, and she thought she had seen her absolutely pissed before. –“Here… t-this tea will…”

“I DON’T WANT ANY TEA, YOU STUPID GIRL! WHAT I WANT IS THE HEAD OF THAT SWINE, IN A SILVER PLATE!!!!!” -she exploded once more throwing away the tea cup, which landed on the nearby table, where she had left her fashion sketches. The cup shattered, and the tea took less than a second to soak the sketches, destroying them.    

“My fashion sketches!” -Nina exclaimed.


“YOU BLASTED WITCH!” -Nina finally snapped. She could no longer keep her anger to herself. Just like a pressure cooker, she had built up a tremendous pressure inside of her, and now it was time to release it. –“YOU KNOW WHAT?! I’M SICK AND TIRED OF YOU ALWAYS TELLING ME AND OTHERS THAT WE’RE USELESS, WHILE YOU SEE YOURSELF AS PERFECT! WELL GUESS WHAT, YOU’RE NOT! YOU’RE A MISERABLE HAG WHO’S NOT AS TALENTED AS YOU THINK YOU ARE!”

Hearing her say those words, was the last drop for Amélie Dufayel.

“GET OUT! OUT, IMMEDIATELY!!! YOU’RE FIRED!” -she yelled at Nina.

“Why, because I told you the truth, you witch?!” -Nina snapped at her. –“Mark my words, you witch, one of these days someone will give you just what you deserve, you hear me!” -she once more snapped at her former boss, before grabbing some of the still wet sketches of hers that had not been completely ruined by the tea, and walking away, furious but at the same time, relieved.

“You hear me now! You’ll never work in the fashion business ever again, Nina! I’ll make sure of that!!!” -she yelled at her former secretary, as she left. She then noticed that she was being watched by everyone else, who had witnessed what happened. –“What are you looking at?! I don’t pay you to stand there doing nothing! Get back to work, and you, find me one of the people in charge with the event! I want to speak to it about this, right now!” -she ordered one of the assistants that happened to be passing by.  

As Nina made her way out of the backstage, tears ran down her face. But these were not tears of sadness, they were tears of hate and frustration. Tears that were now running down her face, because yelling at her former boss had not been enough. She had destroyed something incredibly precious to her, something she had worked so hard on, and now, it was gone. Her wish was to just go back there and slap the woman so hard on the face that she would be spitting teeth and blood for hours to come. As she walked, she regretted not having slapped her senseless, and that dark wish was settling in her heart. And that, attracted one particular fiend to it, Reptile. Seeing her passing by him, he sensed the hate and anger in her heart. He would say it that they were stronger than any others he had sensed in that place, but the truth was that they had something special to it, he could not explain, but that differentiated them from all others.

“That’s it! It’s her! She is perfect… Miraculous Team, your minutes are counted.” -Reptile thought to himself, wondering what kind of akuma his master would turn her into.



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Once more, I attended Iberanime LX, this last weekend.

I'm not going to say much about it, because the convention itself has seen better days. At first it was a convention for us cosplayers to show our talent and to hang out with other people who also liked the same things we did. But now, it's just a convention to get kids to come and buy merchandise. Still, it's also the best place for me to get drawing commissions, and this year was no exception. I was lucky to have found so many talented artists who drew some amazing art for me (some of them are already old friends of mine like :iconsnowfake: and :icondeetsukino: and others are new ones). I'll be posting them here over the next few weeks, so don't worry.

I also wanted to say, that even though this aprticular convention keeps getting worst every year it goes by, I still attend it because I want to hang out with the people who are my friends, and who have fragged me into the cosplay world... pretty much, they are the main reason why I keep going to it, and it will probably be the same reason in the future.

Without anything else to say, I'll be seeing ya!

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