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Chapter 2: Transformation Time

Surrounded by those enemies, the Sailor Scouts did not know what to do. If they moved, the strange fiends could attack them, but if they stayed still, they would probably be attacked too. When one of the fiends got closer to them, Makoto took her chances and kicked him away; making him fly through the air like if he was a football. Then, the rest of the enemies looked at them, and charged against them, making them jump out of their way. Usagi and Chibiusa were almost caught by one of them, who tried to grab their legs, but they easily managed to get rid of them. Ami and Rei were also able to get rid of the small group of fiends that jumped on them. They tried to run, but when they thought things could not get worst, a new kind of fiend appeared. They were quite similar to the previous ones, but these were blue and black, and had some kind of armour.

“I’m not liking this.” –Ami said, as she looked at the new fiends that mixed with the previous ones.

Grabbing some of the ofuda scrolls she had with her, Rei decided that those enemies might be affected by them. Targeting them, she said:

“In the name of all powerful gods, Evil spirits begone!”

With a quick and sudden hand movement, she threw all of the ofudas at the fiends, getting every one of them, who stopped for a split second. She thought that she had been able to stop them, and a smile appeared in her face for a second, only to disappear in the next second, when the fiends grabbed the ofuda that had pinned to their heads and ripped them into shreds.

“Smooth move, Miss Superstition…” –Johnny said sarcastically.

“But I don’t understand. These ofudas are the most powerful ones I have, and they worked every time I use them on enemies.” –Rei replied.

“These guys obviously don’t know that. We need to use brute force on them!” –George exclaimed.

“I agree with what he says. They seem to be quite difficult to kill, so we’ll just have to use force to get rid of them, permanently.” –Haruka said, as she kicked another enemy that was getting near to her and Michiru.

“Very well, guess there is no other choice. Everyone, transform!” –Ami agreed.

“Right!” –They all chorused.

“Mercury Crystal Power Make-Up!” –Ami exclaimed.

“Mars Crystal Power Make-Up!” –Rei exclaimed.

“Jupiter Crystal Power Make-Up!” –Makoto exclaimed.

“Venus Crystal Power Make-Up!” –Minako exclaimed.

“Uranus Crystal Power Make-Up!” –Haruka exclaimed.

“Neptune Crystal Power Make-Up!” –Michiru exclaimed.

“Pluto Crystal Power Make-Up!” –Setsuna exclaimed.

“Saturn Crystal Power Make-Up!” –Hotaru exclaimed.

“Moon Eternal Power Make-Up!” –Usagi exclaimed.

“Moon Crisis Make-Up!” –Chibisa exclaimed.

The transformations released an energy wave, which swept away the fiends that were closer to the group, giving them some manoeuvre space. After the girls all transform, the two male sailor scouts also decide to transform.

“Now that you transformed yourselves, it’s time for us to do the same… Sailor Pluto FX Destroyer, Fighting Mode, Activation!” –Johnny cried out.

“Sailor Saturn Net Surfer, Fighting Mode, Activation!” –George also cried out.

Just like the other scouts, the two boys were enveloped in a strange kind of veil light, and in a matter of seconds they changed from their regular clothes, to their Sailor Scout outfits. Sailor Pluto FX Destroyer was wearing a long sleeve shirt, along with a black waistcoat featuring on his back Pluto’s planetary symbol, and on the front a ribbon, just like the ones in Sailor Moon and the others’ outfits. He also wore a pair of black pants and matching gloves. Red and black tennis shoes and was wearing a pair of black sunglasses. As for Sailor Saturn Net Surfer, he was wearing a similar outfit to his partner, but it was purple, his waistcoat featured Saturn’s planetary symbol, and he was not wearing sunglasses. The others were a little surprised for they did not think that the uniforms wore by the boys were somehow similar to theirs, but at the same time, totally different.

“Okay, let’s get this party started, or what?!” –FX asked them all.

“Right… Hold it right there! You evil creatures chose a really bad day to ruin the reception to our friend! In case you don’t know, I’m the sailor warrior of love and justice… Sailor Moon!”

“And we are the Sailor Scouts, defenders of this galaxy and of every living creature that lives in it!” –Sailor Jupiter declared.

“And I say that in the name of the Moon and of the other planets, we will punish you!” –Sailor Moon exclaimed.

Without losing time, Sailor Uranus was the first one to engage an attack against the mysterious black fiends. Concentrating, she attacked with no mercy.

“World Shaking!”

Releasing a huge golden energy ball, mirroring the aspect of her guardian planet, Uranus was sure that the fiends did not stand a chance against her attack. When the energy ball hit the creatures, a huge cloud of dust and smoke, clouded their vision, and they were not able to see what happened. Everyone could see a smirk on Sailor Uranus’ face, for she believed that she had triumphed. Unfortunately, when the dust settled, that smirk vanished instantly. The fiends that ad been hit by the attack did not even had a scratch on them.

“I don’t believe it! My attack did not obliterate them…” –Sailor Uranus stated, still not believing what she was seeing with her own two eyes.

“Let me try!” –Sailor Mars shouted at her, as she prepared herself to launch her attack. –“Mars Fire Sniper!”

Unfortunately, Sailor Mars’ attack also failed to destroy the enemies, just like Uranus had. They all tried their attacks. Sailor Mercury used her “Mercury Aqua Rhapsody” attack, while Sailor Jupiter tried to combine her “Sparkling Wide Pressure” attack with Sailor Venus “Venus Love-Me Chain” attack, but failed miserably. Instead of doing any harm to them, they just made them bigger and stronger. It was then time for Sailor Neptune, Sailor Pluto and Sailor Saturn to try their attacks on them, but not even they were able to do anything.

“You girls really need to come up with new and more powerful attacks.” –Sailor Saturn Net Surfer stated.

“If you think you can do better, then, go ahead, destroy them!” –Sailor Mars yelled at him.

“Gladly… FX, let’s show them what we are made of!”

“On it, Surfer… Let’s see if you cretins like one of my attacks…” –Sailor Pluto FX Destroyer said, as he prepared himself to launch his attack. – “Freezing Inferno Blast!”

The “Freezing Inferno Blast” was similar to Sailor Uranus’ “World Shaking” attack, but instead of being thrown at the enemies, there was an explosion that made huge ice crystals appear from beneath the floor, slashing and incarcerating them inside. It was a direct hit. Most of the enemies that were in front of the male Sailor Scouts were completely frozen.

“Beat that, my friends.” –he rejoiced.

But then, the ice crystals started to break and the fiends came out uninjured.

“Okay, I take what I said before. Maybe it was not such a great approach.” –Sailor Pluto FX Destroyer admitted, as he saw the fiends coming out from the ice crystals they were incarcerated in. –“Surfer, it’s your turn!”

“Got it… Saturn’s Toxic Storm!” –he said, as he fired a huge golden cloud at the fiends, which actually hurt them, but not enough to kill them. –“Drat! It didn’t work either…”

“Help!” –they all heard someone crying for help.

All of them turned around and saw that Sailor Moon and Sailor Chibimoon were in trouble. A large group of fiends came out of nowhere and had cornered them. They were trying to get rid of them, by hitting and socking them, but it looked like they were not affected by those physical attacks. Sailor Mars used her “Burning Mandala” Attack on them, trying to make them disband, so that Sailor Moon and Sailor Chibimoon had a chance to get away. The effect of the attack was short, but it was more than enough for both Sailor Moon and Sailor Chibimoon to get away from danger. Just when Sailor Moon thought that she was not in danger anymore, one of the creatures jumped on her, and nearly grabbed her face. But, thanks to a well positioned punch from Sailor Pluto FX Destroyer, the creature flew away.

“Better be careful, Sailor Moon! These things might be small but they seem to be serious when it comes to fighting.” –the male sailor scout said, as he punched yet another one that was coming towards him.

“If our attacks don’t do them any kind of damage, than maybe we should just use plain old brute force on them.” –Sailor Saturn Net Surfer yelled at the others.

“Sailor Moon and Sailor Chibimoon haven’t used their attacks on them.” –Sailor Saturn stated. –“Maybe their attacks are the only ones that can destroy these creatures.”

“Saturn is right about that, Chibimoon. Let’s give them a taste of our powers!” –Sailor Moon said.

“Yes, let’s do it!” –Chibimoon agreed.

Positioning themselves, both leaders of the Sailor Scouts prepared to strike the enemies. First, it was Chibimoon who stroke them, using her “Double Starlight Honeymoon Therapy Kiss” attack. The effect of the attack was powerful enough to repel the enemies, but not enough to destroy them. Then, Sailor Moon tried her own attack on them, hoping that they would be blown into smithereens.

“Silver Moon Crystal Power Kiss!” –she cried out, as she released the energy attack on a huge group of enemies that were approaching on her and the other scouts.

The attack lifted a huge cloud of smoke and dust, seemingly vaporizing all of them. But when the cloud faded away, they all saw that even the most powerful of Sailor Moon’s attacks had done nothing to those creatures, which seemed invincible.

“Not even a scratch!” –Neptune exclaimed.

“These things are invincible!” –Sailor Venus said.

“They must have a weak spot… We just have to find it!” –Sailor Mercury said, as she activated her Mercury Goggles and grabbed her micro super-computer, I order to scan the creatures and find out anything about them.

“Hang on, I’ll give you a hand, Mercury!” –Sailor Pluto FX Destroyer stated, as he pushed a miniaturized button on his sunglasses, which activated a small that covered half of his arm until its elbow, and seemed to look like a small computer. –“You’re not the only one with gadgets, girl friend.”

That last comment made Mercury giggle. FX knew he had a certain charm, which helped him dating any girl he wanted, but right that moment was not the time to think about it. He knew they were in trouble, and needed to find a way to help Mercury finding a weak spot on those creatures. They both quickly ran a scan on them and were amazed with what they saw.

“This can’t be right! According to my computer scanner these things don’t even exist!” –Sailor Pluto FX Destroyer exclaimed, while checked the results again.

“The same goes for mine… They have no energy signature of any kind. It’s like they were mere shadows of actual creatures.” –Sailor Mercury stated. –“The infrared scope on my goggles doesn’t even pick them up…”

“You’re saying that these creatures are here, but it’s like they weren’t?” –Sailor Jupiter asked, as she punched yet another of those creatures.

“Exactly… Look out, everyone!” –Sailor Mercury warned.

From the sky, a new kind of creatures appeared, but these had wings on them. They were about twenty or more of them, and they plunged into ground, with one target in their mind, the Sailor Scouts. They all jumped out of the way of those creatures. Unfortunately, one of those creatures actually succeeded in capturing one of them, Sailor Chibimoon. The creatures had grabbed her, by using its claws and started to go up at full speed. When they realised what was going on, they knew they had to do something, but they could not try to shoot the creature out of the sky, for they might hit Chibimoon. At the creature took off with Chibimoon, going to the distance until you could not see it, the dark fiends started to disappear as fast as they had appeared before.

“They’re getting way. It’s like they had came here just for one purpose…” –Luna said, as she and Artemis got out of their hideout.

“And that purpose was probably to snatch Chibimoon. We need to save her!” –Sailor Moon exclaimed.
Here is the second chapter of my Sailor Moon Kingdom Hearts fanfic... This one was a really tough chapter to write, because of the amount of characters in it, but it was worth it. Believe me that you will not be disappointed when you read it, because the Sailor Scouts are about to face the Heartless, and it's going to be a tough battle.

Once again I dedicate this chapter to my good friend :iconomen-of-silverwing: who's helping me with this project. Thanks my friend!

I hope you all like it, and well, I expect some reviews, please!

Plus, feel free to check out my friend's :iconomen-of-silverwing: drawings on this story. If it was not for her, this collaboration would probably be a disaster, beleive me! Here are the links:

Sailor Moon: [link]
Sailor Mercury: [link]
Sailor Mars: [link]
Sailor Jupiter: [link]
Sailor Venus: [link]
Sailor Uranus: [link]
Sailor Neptune: [link]
Sailor Pluto: [link]
Sailor Saturn: [link]
Sailor Chibimoon: [link]
Tuxedo Mask: [link]
Naru (Sailor Earth): [link]

And don't forget to check out the cosplay photos of me, dressed as my OC's:

Sailor Pluto FX Destroyer 1: [link]
Sailor Pluto FX Destroyer 2: [link]

Enjoy it, and well... I expect some reviews about it, please!!!

Plus, chapter 3 is already online... If you want to know what the Sailor Scouts are going to do next, just follow this link, my friends: [link]
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another good chapter.will the story actually have people from kingdom hearts like sora and riku?
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Thank you... Well, they will be referenced, and of course, they will appear, but not just yet... they will make an occasional appearence in flashbacks for now. By the way, thanks for the watch, my friend!
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Rabukurafuto Featured By Owner Sep 28, 2009   Writer
That was a fairly good fight, considering all of the characters involved. I think it seems strange though how some Japanese terminology is used and some overseas-exclusive terminology is used. The Japanese names are used yet terms only from the dubs like "Sailor Scouts" show up too. I think just one version or the other should be used, but mixing them is a little odd to me.
SonicPossible00 Featured By Owner Sep 28, 2009  Hobbyist Writer
Yeah... I usually use the term "Sailor Senshis", but usually the American readers do not understand that, so, I consider this as a touch to keep everyone connected with the story, no matter the nationality. Thanks, it was a tough battle to describe, especially, because I had to look out the names of the attacks in English (I only knew the attacks' names in Portuguese and Spanish).
Rabukurafuto Featured By Owner Sep 28, 2009   Writer
All right. I prefer saying "Sailor Soldiers" because that is the official English translation in Japan. You can see a list of the magical powers with the original names here.
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