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Miraculous Team: Halloween Madness - Chapter 14
Chapter 14: Who Are You Going to Call?
With Carapace at the helm of the music, the party was, little by little, being what Miss Bustier's class wanted it to be. When they came up with the ideas for the party, they wanted this one to be one of a kind. And they were having it, with a little help from the performers who kept finding ways to living up the party. But, of course, Carapace's music was the fuel that party needed to keep rocking, and as he put on another song, he saw everyone having a great time.
"And for our next song, I'd like you guys to welcome our good friends Lars Ulrich and James Hetfield from Metallica, with the song "Enter Sandman"!" -Carapace exclaimed, as he turned up the volume. Such song deserved to be heard as loud as possible.
At the same time, Ladybug finished the slice of chocolate cake she had brought with her. With her stomach fuller, she felt like she could do anything, including asking the boy of her dreams to dance with her. She did not know if it was her
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Miraculous Team: Halloween Madness - Chapter 13
Chapter 13: Halloween Mood
Manon was having the time of her life. Never she had expected the costume Marinette had done for her to be such a success. While she was going on the street, accompanied by Marinette's parents, there were people who thought she looked adorable and asked to take a photo of her. Manon did not mind people taking photos of her. In fact, she loved having people photographing her, because it made her feel like she was important. And, on every house they knocked to get some candy, people praised her on her costume and on her painted face.
"Trick or treat!" -Manon exclaimed, as an old lady opened the door. She was carrying a bag of candy in her hands.
"Oh, hello there, little one. You have such a beautiful costume. What are you supposed to be? A fairy or maybe a princess?"
"No, I'm an Akuma sent by Hawk Moth to destroy Ladybug!" -Manon said with an evil voice.
This statement made the old woman giggle a little. Every year the kids managed to surprise her with their co
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A Suite Snowy Christmas by SonicPossible00 A Suite Snowy Christmas :iconsonicpossible00:SonicPossible00 24 4
Miraculous Team: Halloween Madness - Chapter 12
Chapter 12: This is Halloween
As the Sun set in the horizon, bringing that day to an end, Paris prepared itself for a night that many would say belonged to creatures that were not of this world. In fact, if there was someone whom the night belonged to was Hecate, the Greek goddess of magic, sorcery, witchcraft, necromancy, ghosts, death, fire, light, crossroads, childbirth, wilderness, night, and the Moon. But, on that particular night, many associated Samhain, the spirt of Halloween to it, so Hecate was temporarily relegated into the background. Halloween belonged to Samhain.
As the stores closed, and people raced homes to be with their families and friends on that spooky night, already were lots of kids on the streets, dressed up as their favourite characters to go trick or treating, always accompanied either by their parents, their grandparents or by an aunt or an uncle, and in some cases, an older brother or sister. The kids mission was to have fun on that night and collect as much
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Afternoon Ice Cream by SonicPossible00 Afternoon Ice Cream :iconsonicpossible00:SonicPossible00 25 0
Miraculous Team: Halloween Madness - Chapter 11
Chapter 11: It Came from the Shadows
The Halloween Parade had been a tremendous fiasco, all thanks to Hawk Moth. As headed back home to take off his costume and forget that whole evening ever happened, Mayor Bourgeois cursed his luck. Never in the History of that city, had ever a mayor dealt with that kind of troubles, at least, not since the end of World War II. Years earlier, when he ran for mayor of Paris, he knew he would have to deal with a lot of crap, but he never thought that he would have to deal with a terrorist who claimed to be the future ruler of the world, and who spent his free time sending people controlled by him to cause chaos and mayhem in his city.
Still, right then, he just wanted to forget all about it, get home, take that outfit and check on Chloé. Thinking about it, the only good thing that came out of all of that was he being able to get the two autographs his daughter had asked him to get, one from Ladybug and one from Queen Bee.
"At least Chloé wasn
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Miraculous Team - Kwamis by SonicPossible00 Miraculous Team - Kwamis :iconsonicpossible00:SonicPossible00 73 15
Miraculous Team: Halloween Madness - Chapter 10
Chapter 10: A Little Setback
If one had asked Ladybug how her night was going to be, she would have answered that she expected to be a night spent with her friends having fun at the Halloween parade, while performing for everyone in Paris who decided to show up to see the show. Regrettably, that kind of night would only be possible in her imagination, since Hawk Moth decided to show up and ruin everything by attacking them and everyone attending the parade.
In sum, though it started well, that night had turned into a night that she and everyone else on the Miraculous Team would most likely want to forget. To make matters worse, Chat Noir had been hit on the head by falling debris and was now unconscious. To topple everything, the blue-haired heroine's mom had called her and she, in her innocence, told her that she would be home in about 30 minutes, although she had no idea how she was going to do that with Hawk Moth still on the loose and bent on killing her and her friends.
"There's g
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Miraculous Team: Halloween Madness - Chapter 9
Chapter 9: The Fight Before Christmas
While the rest of the team dealt with the pawns Hawk Moth had created, Ladybug and Chat Noir were fighting against the big bad villain himself down the avenue, who was proving to be a fierce opponent. Blow after blow, Hawk Moth was fighting them with everything he had. And though the two heroes were starting to feel exhausted, the villain himself did not seem to even be breaking a sweat, as he attacked them both wish his cane, as well as his hands to counterattack everything they threw at him.
"You two are resilient, I'll give you that." -Hawk Moth said, as he swung his cane at Ladybug, missing her nose by mere inches. –"But as resilient as you might be, I have the upper hand in this fight."
"If by having the upper hand means that you are trying to bore us to death with your monologues, then, yeah, you really do!" -Chat Noir joked, as he landed a punch on the villain's shoulder. He had aimed for his chest, but he dodged at the last minute.
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Teenage Powerpuff Girls by SonicPossible00 Teenage Powerpuff Girls :iconsonicpossible00:SonicPossible00 39 4 Flamingo and Corbeau Noire - Miraculous Fighters by SonicPossible00 Flamingo and Corbeau Noire - Miraculous Fighters :iconsonicpossible00:SonicPossible00 36 6
Miraculous Team: Halloween Madness - Chapter 8
Chapter 8: Parade Insanity
The parade had come to a halt, because the driver of the Halloween Regal Float did not know what was going on, so he decided to stop, and wait to see what went down. Not realising that the three individuals were really Hawk Moth and his faithful lieutenants Reptile and Madame Romani, the people in the crowd applauded, thinking that that was all part of the show. Smirking evilly, Hawk Moth thought to himself on how foolish those people were being right then.
"Fools… they don't even realise that they're in danger. They believe that we are just part of the action." -Hawk Moth thought to himself. –"Aren't they in for a surprise." -he thought to himself, as he kept smirking evilly.
The applauses went on, with people believing that was part of the show. But there was one person who knew that was not part of the show, Forest Doe. Staring at the villains, she at once understood that Hawk Moth had decided to show his ugly face in public, and if he did that
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Miraculous Team: Halloween Madness - Chapter 7
Chapter 7: Halloween Parade
The parade started at 8 pm sharp, and when it did, it was accompanied by a fireworks show. There were 20 different floats. Ten of them had been custom build for that parade, while the other ten were on loan from Disneyland. The ones that had been custom build, all had a different style, though each one of them had a Halloween motif. The only ones that were different were the ones where Jagged Stone and Daft Punk were playing. While Jagged Stone's float was made to look like fire-breathing gargoyles were sprouting form it, Daft Punk's float looked more like a flying saucer covered in navy blue and white neon, reminiscent from their appearance in the film Tron: Legacy. As for the floats on loan from Disneyland, these were floats that only appeared on the park's parade during Halloween. Floats that belonged not to the heroes of the Disney movies, but to their villains. From Aladdin to the 101 Dalmatians, the Black Cauldron, The Nightmare Before Christmas, Snow
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Miraculous Team: Halloween Madness - Chapter 6
Chapter 6: Get Ready for the Show!
The next day that did not go by fast enough for most people, who just wanted night to come, so they could go and see the parade and enjoy themselves, while hearing Jagged Stone and Daft Punk, not to mention having the opportunity of seeing the Miraculous Team in person.
Among those people was none other than Alix, one of the members of the Miraculous team herself. All the work they had done at school that day had exhausted her, but as exhausted as she was, she was not going to miss the opportunity to show off her abilities as Dragonfly in front of all of Paris. Still, she had a hard time convincing her parents to let her go to the parade alone. At first, she thought of asking her old brother, to go with her, but quickly realized that if Jalil was with her, it would be hard for her to give him the split. She found out that he would not go with her either way, because he was super busy with work from college that night, and was not leaving his desk no m
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Miraculous Team: Halloween Madness - Chapter 5
Chapter 5: Heads Will Roll
The following day at Collége François-Dupond, the two main conversation subjects between students were the Halloween Parade that was to take place the next day, and the robbery to a jewellery store that had been thwarted by Corbeau Noire and Flamingo from the Miraculous Team the previous night. Everyone was talking about it, and the students from Miss Bustier's class were no exception. As they worked on putting up everything for the school's Halloween party, Marinette and the others kept asking Rose and Juleka for details on what happened the previous night, while they were on patrol. The girls, of course, said that it had been no big deal, and that they would have done the same thing, if they were in their shoes.
"Come on, it was no big deal." -Rose smiled.
"Yeah. I mean, Adrien and Nino also stopped a couple of robbers a few weeks ago." -Juleka told them, as she continued to paint what would be one of the backgrounds for the photo booth. Nathaniel
:iconsonicpossible00:SonicPossible00 4 3
Mature content
Miraculous Team: Halloween Madness - Chapter 4 :iconsonicpossible00:SonicPossible00 6 6


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Chapter 14: Who Are You Going to Call?

With Carapace at the helm of the music, the party was, little by little, being what Miss Bustier's class wanted it to be. When they came up with the ideas for the party, they wanted this one to be one of a kind. And they were having it, with a little help from the performers who kept finding ways to living up the party. But, of course, Carapace's music was the fuel that party needed to keep rocking, and as he put on another song, he saw everyone having a great time.

"And for our next song, I'd like you guys to welcome our good friends Lars Ulrich and James Hetfield from Metallica, with the song "Enter Sandman"!" -Carapace exclaimed, as he turned up the volume. Such song deserved to be heard as loud as possible.

At the same time, Ladybug finished the slice of chocolate cake she had brought with her. With her stomach fuller, she felt like she could do anything, including asking the boy of her dreams to dance with her. She did not know if it was her being transformed, or the chocolate who was giving her the courage to do such a thing, but she really did not care. Right then, she felt like she could do it, and that was just what she was going to do. Getting up, she went looking for Chat, among the crowd of people. It would not be easy to find him, because he was not the only one wearing that costume there. Still, she hoped her instinct would help her find him.

"Come on, kitty cat, where are you?" -Ladybug asked herself, as she spotted a boy in a Chat Noir costume, not too far from her. At first, she thought it was Chat, but after looking at him closely, she saw that he did not have the same haircut. –"Nope, you're not my kitty cat. Where are you?" -she asked herself, as her eyes kept roaming the crowd.

After a couple of minutes, the scarlet heroine finally spotted the real Chat, near one of the gym's entrances, He was talking to a Rena Rouge and to a Forest Doe, who she believed were the real Rena and Doe. As she got closer, and though the music was a little loud, she recognized Alya and Mylene's voices.

"Hey, can I join you, or is this a private party?" -Ladybug joked, as she neared her friends.

"Hey, Marinette!" -Forest Doe smiled.

"Hey, girl." -Rena Rouge said.

"Hey, Marinette. So, are you enjoying yourself?" -Chat asked her, always with a big grin on his face.

"A little… what about you? Shouldn't you be on the dance floor?" -Ladybug asked the three of them.

"We're taking a little break." -Rena told her. –"And, we're also helping Mylene looking for Ivan."

"We've been looking for him for almost 15 minutes, and he's nowhere to be seen." -Chat said. –"Which is pretty strange, since a big guy like him should be pretty easy to spot." -he declared.

"Did you check the bathrooms?" -Ladybug asked him

"I did, and he wasn't there." -Chat answered her. –"But, he's bound to show up, sooner or later."

"Yeah, he's bound to show up." -Rena agreed.

Thinking to herself, Ladybug felt that was right moment to ask Chat to dance with her. Now that the ice was broken, she could ask him, without sounding awkward. Taking a silent deep breath, she looked at him and said:

"Uh, Adrien… I was wondering, if you would like to…"

"To what?" -Chat asked her.

"To dance with me." -Ladybug asked him in a whisper.

"What did you say? I couldn't hear you!" -Chat asked her. The music was a little too loud, and with Ladybug whispering, he did not hear her question.

"I was wondering, if you'd like to dance with me?!" -Ladybug repeated herself. This time, for some reason, that came out a lot easier than before.

"Y-Yeah, sure!" -Chat said.

Smiling, Rena Rouge felt that they were about to have an infamous Adrinette moment there, and she was going to lend them a little help. Excusing herself, she quickly made her way through the crowd, reaching the stage, where Carapace was. Going around the back, she climbed the stairs and quickly got behind Carapace, who felt her presence, as she playfully pressed herself against his back.

"Hey, Alya! Don't tell me you already miss me?" -Carapace asked, as Rena giggled.

"No, silly. Okay, maybe a little bit. But I'm here to ask you a little favour." -Rena told him.

"Lay it on me, girl." -the turtle hero declared.

"Adrien and Marinette have just hit the dance floor, or are about to, and I need a special song, just for them." -the fox heroine told him.

"Special? You mean…"

"Yeah, something they can dance, while on each other's arms."

Carapace smiled. He and Rena had been trying their best to get those two to start dating since the end of the summer, and now, he had the chance to do something that would hopefully put both Ladybug and Chat Noir on the right track for that to happen.

"Alright, something really mushy, but that still has that Halloween vibe… I won't lie, it's going to be tough, but I'll do my best." -Carapace told his girlfriend.

"I know you can do it. After all, you're the best DJ around, Nino." -Rena said, as she hugged him even tighter and kissed him on the cheek.

"Well, you're also pretty awesome too." -Carapace said, as she let him go, allowing him to go through his record collection, looking for something that would fill out the requirements. –"I know I have the perfect thing right here… I just need to find it, and… Here it is!" -he thought to himself.

"Found it?" -Rena asked him.

"If this doesn't work, nothing will." -Carapace declared.

"It's not "Love Is in the Air", is it?" -she asked him.

"Nope, something less corny and more hardcore." -Carapace said, as he noticed the song he had put on before, was about to end. –"Leave everything to me." -he winked at her, after which he turned his attention to the crowd. –"Okay, everyone, I think that after these many awesome songs, we need something a little calmer and smoother… don't worry, I'm not going to play something like the waltz."

That joke of his made the whole gym chuckle. Hearing them do that, meant that he was doing a good job of entertaining them.

"With you, "The Ghost of You" from My Chemical Romance." -Carapace said, as the song began.

Just like he had promised, that song was a little softer than the ones he had been playing until then, but it still had enough kick in it, to not let people fall asleep while hearing it. Upon hearing it, both Ladybug and Chat Noir knew that their best friends were behind it.

"That Alya… I bet she's behind this." -Ladybug smiled.

"That Nino. I can see what he's trying to do here… best wingman a guy like me could ask for." -Chat Noir thought to himself.

As the song went on, the two heroes started to dance together. Slowly and awkwardly, they wrapped their arms around each other, and let the rhythm of the song guide their bodies. Chat could not help but to look Ladybug in the eyes and feel a little nervous. And the same thing could be said about Ladybug herself. The two of them were so nervous, that they did not dare to utter a single word, fearing that they might say something embarrassing. Still, they did not dare look away, their eyes locked onto each other's.

"I can't believe I'm actually dancing with Adrien! Not only he's super handsome, he's also a great dancer… I just hope he doesn't think I can't dance." -Ladybug thought to herself.

"I can't believe I'm dancing with Marinette. She's so pretty… plus, she's an incredible dancer. I just hope she doesn't think I can't really dance." -Chat Noir

They kept dancing in silence, though both were telling themselves that they could not go on like that. They had to say something to each other, otherwise, that would be the most awkward dance ever.

"I've got to say something, otherwise he'll think I've got my mind on the Moon!" -Ladybug thought to herself.

"I've got to say something to her, otherwise, she'll think I'm a complete idiot!" -Chat Noir thought to himself.

"So…" -Both said in chorus.

"S-Sorry, you go first." -Ladybug told Chat.

"No, you go first, I insist." -Chat told Ladybug.

"O-Okay… so, you're a really good dancer." -Ladybug declared.

"Well, you ain't so bad yourself." -Chat grinned.

"Thanks. I learnt to dance with my dad." -Ladybug said. –"What about you? How did you learn?"

"Two years of dancing lessons, along with piano and fencing lessons." -Chat rolled his eyes, as he remembered them. From all those things, the only thing that he really liked practicing was fencing. –"My dad thinks that I needed to learn those things, though I don't know why I would need piano lessons. I don't have any plans of becoming a pianist." -he chuckled.

The scarlet heroine quickly imagined him playing the piano, and from there, it was not much of a stretch to imagine the blond playing the piano, wearing a black tuxedo, while she herself would be singing, lying on top of the piano, wearing a beautiful silk red strapless dress and matching stilettos, just like in an old movie. Thinking about it, her mind was quickly over the Moon, and if it was not for Chat, who called her back to Earth, she would have stayed there for as long as possible.

"Marinette? Marinette?" -Chat called her back to Earth.

"S-Sorry, I was a little distracted…" -Ladybug said, as her face blushed lightly.

"That's okay." -Chat smiled at her. –"I was going to ask you, if you want to hear a little secret?"

"A secret?" -Ladybug's heart skipped a beat, when Chat told her that. What kind of secret he wanted to tell her? Was it something about him, or maybe about how he felt about her? Just thinking about it, made her heart beat faster than ever. Still, she tried to look cool and relaxed. –"S-Sure, I'd love to. That is, if you want to tell it to me." -she giggled nervously.

"Of course, I want to." -Chat told her. –"Remember when we were talking to Alya and Mylene about Ivan being nowhere? Well, actually, I kind of lied about that." -he said.

"What do you mean?" -Ladybug asked him, puzzled. –"Why would he lie about such a thing?" -she asked herself.

"Ivan was in one of the bathrooms, trying to gather up the courage to do something he's been planning for a couple of weeks now. He's going to propose to Mylene, tonight." -Chat told her. –"But, you know just how shy he can be. He told me that he was really nervous and if Mylene asked about it, that I should tell her that I didn't see him."

"Shy? I can relate to that." -Ladybug thought to herself. –"I thought he wouldn't be shy about proposing to her. After all, they already kissed a couple of times, and they're always hanging together. He shouldn't be shy about asking her to be his girlfriend." -she said.

"Well, maybe, but you know that you girls aren't the only ones who get to be shy. We guys also have the right to be shy." -Chat winked at her, making her blush once more.

All that mushy and sweet talk was making Ladybug's heart beat faster than a hummingbird's. She always thought that whenever she donned that costume, her feelings for Adrien would be in control, but right then, they were anything but under control. And unknowingly for her, Chat's heart was also beating like crazy, because of his feelings for her. If she dared herself to touch his chest, Ladybug would feel the boy's heart beating like crazy, just as well. Still, she did no such thing, and though the song had reached it end, they went on dancing in the middle of the dance floor, while the rest had stopped. Seeing that, Carapace smiled, as he believed the song he had picked had done its job better than he expected.

"Those two… I wouldn't be surprised if they tell each other tonight what they really feel for one another." -the turtle hero thought to himself, as he readied the next song.

But, he was not the only one who was commentating just how lovey-dovey both Ladybug and Chat Noir were acting on the dance floor. Near one of the speakers, both Flamingo and Corbeau Noire talked between them about what they were seeing.

"Do you think it will be tonight that we'll see those two together, at last?" -Corbeau Noire asked Flamingo.

"I don't know. But it would be so romantic if that happened." -Flamingo told her.

"Just like it happened with the two of us?" -Corbeau asked Flamingo.

"Yeah, just like that." -Flamingo sighed, as she remembered the moment when they both professed their loved for one another.

As this went on, Grizzly Bear had finally gathered the courage he needed to propose to Forest Doe. As he exited the bathroom, he wondered why he just did not go up to Doe and told her how he felt about her in the first place. But, deep down, he knew why he did not do that. He was afraid of her saying no to his request. Though part of him knew she was going to say yes, another part of him pondered the slim and almost unrealistic possibility of her saying no. Still, now that he had placed all his worries behind him, the bear hero was ready to pop her the question. And, for such an occasion, he had bought her something very special. A small bracelet with Mylene's favourite Shakespeare quote engraved in it, "It Is Not in the Stars to Hold Our Destiny, But in Ourselves". She loved that quote, because it reminded her that people made their destiny, and that this one was not set on stone.

"Mylene's going to love it. I can already picture her face, when I give it to her." -Grizzly thought to himself. –"But, what if… no, don't think crazy things. No bad thoughts… you don't need those, right now. I mean, we've been dating, just not officially. Tonight, we just officialise things, and let people know that we're together. Yeah, that's it." -he thought to himself. –"Now, all I need to do is find her."

But finding Forest Doe was not going to be easy, especially since Carapace had decided to put on one of Jagged Stone's songs, and everyone had converged on the dance floor, including Forest Doe, who was accompanied by Dragonfly. As soon as he entered the gym, Grizzly knew he would not be able to find her among that turmoil of people, so, he leaned himself against a wall and waited for the song to end, and for his opportunity. As he waited, he took his left hand to the pocket where he had the bracelet he was going to give to Doe, and found himself thanking the fact that his superhero outfit had pockets.

As the song went on, the mass of people on the dance floor continued to dance like there was no tomorrow. While, at the same time, sitting on one of the tables, were most of the teachers. On that night, they only had two missions. One, was to make sure that everything went according to plan and that everyone had fun, while not doing anything stupid that went against school rules. And two, to pick the best costumes of the party, which was exactly what they were talking about, right then.

"So, do you already have any favourites?" -Miss Mendeleiev asked Miss Bustier, as she herself checked the list

"Not yet. Some of the kids' costumes are very good, but I still need to make another run through the gym, to see which costumes deserve to win this."

"You know you can't elect your own students for best costume. Those are the rules, Caline." -Miss Mendeleiev warned her.

"I know that, don't worry." -Miss Bustier told her. –"Although that's going to be really hard, because they all have the best costumes I've seen tonight." -she thought to herself.

As they talked, Principal Damocles joined them, having finished talking to one of the janitors, telling him to keep his eyes open. Something told him that one, or maybe more students could try to pull out a major prank on everyone in that gym, though he could be wrong. Still, he believed it was better to be safe than sorry, regarding that.

"Finally, I can sit down and relax for a couple of minutes." -Principal Damocles sighed, as he sat.

"Something wrong?" -Miss Mendeleiv asked the principal.

"No, at least, not that I know of. Still, I decided to take some precautions, just in case." -Principal Damocles declared. –"But tell me, how's it coming, choosing the winning costume?"

"Still early to pick favourites." -Miss Bustier said.

"Well, speak for yourself. I already have a few of my own. One of them is even one of your students." -Principal Damocles told Miss Mendeleiv.

"Who?" -Miss Mendeleiv asked him.

"Aurore Beaureál, I think." -the principal told her.

"Oh, yes, I've seen her outfit. It's not exactly my style, but I have to admit she outdid herself."

"But, like I said, she's just one of them. I already have a few other favourites as well." -Principal Damocles declared.

But before he could name the others, there was a loud bang, that echoed all over the gym, startling everyone, and ending the music. At first, they thought a bomb had exploded, but there was no sign of any such thing. It took them a couple of seconds to realize that what had caused the loud bang had been the gym's main door, which looked like it had been blown away, with some thick smog entering through it, rolling down the floor, as if it had a mind of its own. And then, the lights went out, causing everyone to scream.

"Something's going on." -Ladybug told herself. Knowing there was not a minute to lose, she pulled Chat towards her, and whispered at his ear. –"Tell me I'm not the only one who thinks that we've got trouble."

"You're not the only one." -Chat whispered back at her.

And then, as if things were not bad enough, and the chaos around them was already enough, when the lights came back, the real menace showed up. Standing at the gym's main door was a group of what looked like living skeletons; each one of them more gruesome and scarier than the other, and all of them brandishing weapons of all sorts. At first, some of the students thought that that was part of something Miss Bustier's class had secretly planned for the party. But, when the skeletons screamed and began to destroy everything in their path, as well as attacking anyone who stood in front of them, they realized that what was going on was real. This made fear, chaos and mayhem spread like wildfire inside that gym, with people running for their lives. The teachers tried to calm everyone down, but it was no use. They themselves, were forced to find a way out of that place.

The only good thing about all that, was that thanks to everyone panicking, and the thick smog that kept rolling from outside, it allowed Ladybug and the others to quickly gather under the stage, away from prying eyes. They had devised that plan, which was to go for the place they felt was the safest to assemble, and where they knew they would not be bothered, for occasions, such as the one that was happening, during training in the Garden of the Ancients. They knew that eventually they would have to make use of it, but never that fast. It was only when the last member of the team, Panda Rouge, showed up, that Ladybug dared to talk.

"Okay, our worst fears have come true, guys. I don't have to tell you that Hawk Moth's behind this." -Ladybug declared.

"Great… and here I thought we were actually going to have a quiet Halloween night." -Antelope said, trying to break the tension in the air. –"And before you say anything, I know this isn't the best time to tell jokes or anything, but I'm trying stay relaxed, okay?"

"So, what do we do?" -Flamingo asked them.

"First things, first, we need to get everyone out of here, or take the fight outside." -Grizzly Bear said. As always, he had practically glued himself to Forest Doe, who was to his left. Cursing his luck, he knew that he would have to wait until all of that had been dealt with, before he could propose to her, like he had planned to.

"Why not do both things?" -Louve Grise asked her. –"These things need to be taken outside, where they won't hurt anyone, and I don't know about you, but I don't think anyone will want to stay here as long as these creatures are here."

"She does have a point." -Queen Bee said. –"We need to get everyone out, safely, and then, deal with those things."

"I agree with you, but we have to consider one thing." -Ladybug said. –"We need to consider one fact. Once outside, we'll have all the teachers making sure that all students are accounted for, and when that happens, they'll notice that our entire class is missing in action."

What the scarlet heroine said was true. Once Miss Bustier found out that they were nowhere to be seen, and with the whole Miraculous Team showing up to save the day, people were bound to make the connection, and the last thing they needed, was the whole school to find out Miss Bustier's class was the Miraculous Team. They needed a way to be in two places at once, and fast.

"Why don't we ask Alya to use her powers to create illusionary copies of us? She's done it before." -Arachnid suggested, referring to what happened when they saved Manon from Madame Romani's clutches.

The idea was not half bad. But there was a catch. When Rena Rouge did that, the only thing she had to do was create the copies and control them, while they were all invisible, thanks to Forest Doe's invisibility powers. This time, she would have to create them and control them, while fighting those creatures. Still, the fox heroine did not say anything, remaining in silence, while also analysing the chances of that idea working out.

"I can try, but…" -Rena Rouge hesitated for a second. –"… but I don't know if I'll be able to fight those things."

"You won't have to." -Chat told her. –"If we do this, you'll be in charge of controlling those copies. Leave the fighting to us."

"Plus, one of us will cover you, so you can do your magic, Alya." -Carapace said. –"And if it's okay with you, I'll be your bodyguard." -he told her, making her smile. She was happy and relieved to know that her boyfriend would be there for her.

"If you think you can do it, then let's do it. And don't forget to also create a copy of yourself as well" -Ladybug said, as the screams of terror became louder and louder. She and the others knew there was not a minute to lose.

"Don't worry, I won't." -Rena Rouge told her.

"As soon as you create copies of us, order them to find Miss Bustier and stick to her. In the meantime, we'll take advantage of that thick smog that's coming from outside, and we'll get out through the back. Once outside, we'll evaluate the situation, and given the danger, half of us will fight whatever other creatures are out there, while the rest comes back inside and helps everyone

"Hey, one last question, once our copies head outside, what do we do with them?" -Arachnid asked them. –"I mean, they can't just stay around, even if the teachers ask them."

"I'll tell them to scatter and each one run in a different way. Once they're far enough, I'll order them to find a secluded place to hide, and they'll just disappear." -Rena Rouge answered him.

"You can do that?" -Dragonfly asked her.

"I don't know, but I guess tonight, we'll see just how far my powers can go." -the fox heroine.

"Okay. We've got a plan. Stick to it, and remember, don't do anything rash." -Ladybug told them all.

"Uh, before we go, I just wanted to ask you guys one thing." -Antelope said. –"When things become too crazy for the police to handle all by themselves, who are you going to call?" -he asked them.

"Really, Kim?!" -Dragonfly punched him on the shoulder. –"Are you expecting us to say Ghostbusters?!"

"Uh, no, I was actually hoping you guys would say the Miraculous Team. And don't punch me like that, Alix!" -Antelope told her. –"I was just trying to set the mood here!"

"And then, I'm the one who's the nerd around here." -Arachnid sighed in exasperation. –"Honestly, man, couldn't you save that for another time?!"

"Enough with the nerdiness! We got work to do!" -Queen Bee shot at them.

"Chloé's right. We've got to work fast." -Ladybug told them, after which, no one else said another word. –"Alya, do your thing."

"One fake Miraculous Team, coming up." -Rena Rouge said, as she grabbed her flute staff, and prepared to conjure them up.
Miraculous Team: Halloween Madness - Chapter 14

One more chapter is up. And I'm really sorry for taking so long to write it, but with Christmas coming up, I spend most of my free time helping around the house and go out shopping (we still have nearly 2 weeks until Christmas, but we have so much work to do, that we're forced to start early). Anyways, in this chapter we set things in motion for the confrontation of Ladybug and the others against Spectrum, who's bound to show up on the next chapter.

And yeah, the chapter's title was chosen as a pun on the Ghostbusters, I intended it to be like that. As always, I hope you guys liked it, and I'll try writing the next chapter as quickly as possible.

Chapter 13: Halloween Mood

Manon was having the time of her life. Never she had expected the costume Marinette had done for her to be such a success. While she was going on the street, accompanied by Marinette's parents, there were people who thought she looked adorable and asked to take a photo of her. Manon did not mind people taking photos of her. In fact, she loved having people photographing her, because it made her feel like she was important. And, on every house they knocked to get some candy, people praised her on her costume and on her painted face.

"Trick or treat!" -Manon exclaimed, as an old lady opened the door. She was carrying a bag of candy in her hands.

"Oh, hello there, little one. You have such a beautiful costume. What are you supposed to be? A fairy or maybe a princess?"

"No, I'm an Akuma sent by Hawk Moth to destroy Ladybug!" -Manon said with an evil voice.

This statement made the old woman giggle a little. Every year the kids managed to surprise her with their costumes, and Manon had certainly surprised her, when she told her what her costume really was.

"Oh, that's cute, honey. Here's some candy for you." -the old lady placed two pieces of candy inside Manon's bag of treats.

They had been on that routine for almost an hour now, and Manon had already collected a ton of candy. From simple pieces of butterscotch to salt-water taffy and strings of black liquorish, she had amassed quite the booty. But, her favourites were the chocolates. She knew that the best part of the candy were the chocolates, and she had managed to get several Snickers bars, as well as Twix bars, Almond Joys, and her favourite Three Musketeers. On one of the houses, a lady had given her 2 Three Musketeers because of her costume. After a couple of more houses, and a few more photos taken, Sabine and Tom asked Manon if she was not ready to go home.

"Just a few more houses, please!"

"Oh, but honey, don't you think you already have enough candy?" -Sabine asked her.

"No!" -Manon protested.

"Come on, Manon. Don't you want to go back home and help us give out candy to the other kids? It'll be fun." -Tom said in a playful voice.

"No!" -Manon said. –"Just a few more houses, please!" -she begged to Marinette's parents. She wanted a little more candy, and she knew that with that costume of hers, she was going to get it easily. –"Please, just a few more, and then we can go home."

Worried that the two of them were not going to let her trick or treating a little bit more, she decided to use her secret weapon… her baby-doll eyes. Putting them on, as if she was on the brink of tears, she hoped to convince both Tom and Sabine to take her to a couple of more houses. Usually, that trick did not work with either Tom nor Sabine, but on that night, it worked. Kneeling in front of Manon, Sabine looked her in the eyes and said:

"If we go to a couple of more houses, can we then go home?"

"Yes!" -Manon exclaimed.

"Alright. But just a few more." -Sabine said. –"We wouldn't want the other kids to think that we got all the candy, would we?" -she chuckled.

"No, we wouldn't." -Manon also chuckled, as two police cars passed by them at high speed, with the sirens on.

"I wonder what's going on?"

"I don't know. Probably it's an accident or something of the sorts." -Tom answered. –"But, let's not worry about that. That's the police's job. Out job is to make sure this little girl here gets a few more candy, before calling it a night, isn't that right, Manon?"

"Yeah!" -Manon laughed, as she held hands with Tom.

Going to a few more houses to get candy, Manon got exactly what she wanted, more chocolate bars and candy. She alone had managed to get enough candy in her bag of treats for months to come. And like all kids, she said that she was going to eat all the candy that night, even if that meant getting a huge stomach ache. Of course, Tom and Sabine convinced her to not only eat a piece of candy that night, and save the rest for another occasion. As she checked the bag to see how much candy Manon had amassed, Sabine was shocked to see how many candy bars she had gotten, mostly because of her costume, while lamenting that not one person had given her something a little healthier, like an apple or an orange. When she commented this with Tom, he could not help but to chuckle.

"What did you expect, honey? It's Halloween. Kids don't want fruit, they want candy. I think if anyone tried to hand apples that weren't covered in caramel to the kids, they would tell them to keep them, and then, they would egg the house." -Tom told her.

"Don't be so dramatic. This isn't the United States. Kids don't egg people's houses on Halloween around here." -Sabine told him. –"Plus, it would be nice if people would actually give kids some fruit, and who knows, maybe even a toothbrush? At least, that way they would remember to brush their teeth after eating so much candy." -she said.

"You sound just like a dentist now, honey." -Tom told his wife, making her giggle.

"Hey, look! Skeletons!" -Manon said, as she pointed at a group of skeletons that approached them.

At first, both Tom and Sabine thought that they were just people in masks, but as they closed in on them, they realized they were not wearing any masks; they were real skeletons, and they were armed. Fearing for their safety, Tom told Sabine to grab Manon and follow him. He did not know how it was possible for that to be happening, but something told him that Hawk Moth was behind it. With all the crazy and insane attacks that had been ravaging that city for the past month and half, something like what they were seeing in front of them, had to be the work of that maniac, or someone working for him.

"Don't run, just walk, and maybe they will go the other way." -Tom whispered to Sabine.

But before she could answer him, the group of living skeletons began to bash things as they ran towards them. Shrieking, the one that looked like the leader of the group pointed at the three of them, as if telling them that he wanted them dead or something. Fearing them, Tom and Sabine started running, with Sabine holding Manon against her as hard as she could. They needed a place to hide and escape those monsters, and soon, other people that were on the street and saw the skeletons, started running from them as well. Still, no matter how fast they were, those monsters were faster than them, and were quickly catching up.

"Keep running!" -Tom exclaimed, as he gently grabbed Sabine by the arm and pulled her to the right, as they turned the corner.

Manon, who had her arms wrapped around Sabine knew something was wrong but did not say a word. She hoped that Marinette would just show up and save them as Ladybug. But as the seconds went by, there was no sign of her appearing, and they were running out of time. The skeletons were getting closer and as soon as they caught them, only God knew what they were going to do with them. Starting to feel tired, and seeing no other option, Tom decided there was only thing left to do. He was going to try and face them, and though he knew that he did not stand a chance against those creatures, at least he would buy his wife and Manon some time to get away.

"Keep running and don't look back!" -Tom told Sabine.

"What are you going to do?!" -Sabine asked him

"Going to try and give you a little head's up!" -Tom declared.

"Don't you dare do that! I forbid you, Tom!" -Sabine snapped at her husband.

"Sorry, Sabine, but I'm going to do this."

But before Tom could try and stand up against that sinister bunch, a voice was heard, calling them.

"Over here!" -a voice called them. Manon heard that voice and recognized it. It was Master Fu's voice. –"Come on, get in here before they get you!"

Hearing the old man, Tom and Sabine entered, with Sabine holding Manon, who she thought would be terrified. In reality, she was quite calm and knowing who Master Fu really was, assured her that there was no reason to be afraid. Locking the door, Master Fu, as well as Marinette's parents and Manon could hear the skeletons bashing at the door. Still, Master Fu's magical knowledge had allowed him to place a simple, yet effective charm on the door when he locked it. Those creatures, or anyone else would be able to enter. But, Tom and Sabine did not know that, and were still shanking from what they had seen.

"What were those things?" -Sabine asked.

"What do you mean what were those things? They were skeletons, living skeletons!" -Tom told her, as he tried to catch his breath.

"But skeletons don't just rise form their graves, brandishing weapons to hunt down people, Tom!" -Sabine told him, finding it hard to believe what she had seen.

"Well, those do." -Tom told Sabine.

"I don't know what they were, but one thing is for certain. It is not safe for you or the little one to go outside, right now." -Master Fu told them both. The two of them were so stressed and frightened that for a second, they forgot the old man who had told them to come in, was standing right there, next to them.

"Oh, sorry, with all this, we didn't even have the time to thank you. You saved us." -Tom told him.

"It was the least I could do." -Master Fu said, as he extended his right hand. –"Nice to meet you both, my name is Fu." -the old man said.

"Tom Dupain, and this is my wife, Sabine."

"And I presume the little one is your daughter."

"Oh, no, Manon's not our daughter. She's the daughter of a good friend of mine. We're just babysitting her." -Sabine said, when it hit her. If those creatures attacked them, there could be more of them, and Marinette could be in trouble. –"Tom! Marinette is at the party! What if there are more of them and they try and go there?" -she said, as she placed Manon on the ground, and looked for her cell phone. –"We need to call her and tell her to get home."

Sabine was panicking. Thinking about the possibility of Marinette being attacked by one of those things, or even worse, it made her tremble with fear. Finally finding her cell phone, she was about to dial her daughter's number, when she noticed what was written on the screen: "No Signal"

"Oh no, I've got no signal." -Sabine said.

"I don't have one either." -Tom said, as he checked his cell phone.

"I'd like to say that mine has a signal, but unfortunately, it doesn't, and I don't have any other phone in the house." -Master Fu said, as he also checked his. –"There must be something wrong with the communications."

"Oh, Tom, what if something happens to Marinette?!" -Sabine asked her husband.

"Don't worry, she's a smart girl. You know she can handle herself." -Tom assured her. He himself believed that if Marinette saw herself in trouble, she would find a way to get out of it.

While this happened, Manon remained silent, exchanging silent looks with Master Fu, who recognized her. He had seen Marinette's parents before, but this was the first time he actually met them. Knowing that what was going on was Hawk Moth's doing, he felt the best thing was to act naturally, and let Marinette and the others to deal with it, while he made sure that her parents and Manon remained safe.

"I'm sure that you daughter will be alright. From my experience, I can tell you that teenagers have a way to surpass their parents' expectations." -Master Fu said. –"She will be alright, I'm sure."

"Yeah, and Ladybug will save her and the say!" -Manon said.

"The little one might be right about it. So far, the scarlet heroine and her friends haven't left this city down yet." -Master Fu agreed. –"And since we can't go out or call the police to help us, I think the only thing we can do is wait. Would you like a cup of tea? It will always helps calm my nerves." -he told the couple.


Meanwhile, at the Halloween party in Collége François-Dupond, things were starting to heat up. The music was already playing, though the DJ still had to get behind the turn-tables. The ambience was amazing, as all the students entered the gymnasium turned ballroom. The performers that were hired by Chloé's dad were cheering up things by performing their roles of vampire hosts, inviting the students to mingle with them. Just like Marinette had predicted, there were several students wearing Ladybug costumes in the party, although you could also see many other students wearing costumes from the other members of the Miraculous Team. Some looking simpler, while others looked like exact copies to the originals. And of course, there were numerous students sporting other costumes. There were pirates, vampires, witches, devils, even soccer players and girls dressed like Kim and Chloé Kardashian. If there was a costume worth seeing at a Halloween party, it was being worn by at least one student. But the students were not the only ones dressed up for the occasion. The teachers had also chosen to bring some interesting costumes. For example, Principal Damocles had come as the Greek Philosopher Socrates. Miss Mendeleiev had come as Marie Curie, and Mr. Dagencourt had come as Dartagnan. As for Miss Bustier, she had come with a very curious, and beautiful costume, a genderbend version of Sherlock Holmes, her favourite Victorian literary character. The four of them, along with the rest of the teachers stayed at the gym's entrance for a short period, welcoming the students that arrived.

When Ladybug and the rest of her class entered the gym, almost everyone were surprised to see them, mostly because they had somehow managed to pick the outfits in order to all come together as a costumed group. Some people would call that coincidence, others would call it a well-planned idea. Whatever it was, they were impressed by the outfits and by the idea. It took them a little to understand it was them, and it was only when Carapace announced himself as that night's DJ, that everyone made the connection. One of the first to approach them was their teacher, Miss Bustier, who was surprised, to say the least with their entrance.

"Marinette?" -Miss Bustier asked Ladybug, who smiled at her.

"Yap, it's me, Miss Bustier." -Ladybug smiled.

"And… let's see… Adrien?" -Miss Bustier asked Chat, who waved his head. –"Mylene?" -she asked Doe, who also waved her head. –"Juleka?"

One by one, she managed to identify every single one of her students. She was surprised, to say the least by them showing up dressed like that. They were a tight group, but even so, she had been their teacher for more than 3 years now, Adrien being the exception, and she had never seen them doing something like that before. Still, she would be lying, if she said she did not like seeing her class behaving like that.

"I didn't know you had decided to form a costumed group and come together." -Miss Bustier told them.

"It was actually Chloé's idea… hers and Sabrina." -Ladybug said, as she winked at both Queen Bee and Louve Grise. –"They made us all promise we wouldn't tell anyone about it, so as to be a big surprise." -she said, as both girls winked back at her. It felt nice to be given the credit, even though it had not been their idea. Still, they were not going to argue about it there.

"Well, I must say that I'm surprised, and I think that even your colleagues were impressed to see you all walking in together." -Miss Bustier said. –"Your outfits look very realistic."

"We just got lucky when buying them." -Dragonfly said. –"But you also look awesome, Miss Bustier." -she complimented her on her costume.

"Why, thank you, Alix. But don't think that flattering me is going to make me raise your grades. But of course, that's elementary, my dear." -Miss Bustier joked with the pink-haired heroine. This caused her to blush a little, and the others to laugh about it. –"Well, now that you are here, I think the party can finally start."

"Don't tell us that you were waiting for us to arrive to start the party?" -Panda Rouge asked her.

"Yes, and no, Nathaniel. The party, as you have seen, has already started, but Principal Damocles wanted your speech to truly start the festivities, and before you ask, I'm quoting him. There aren't my words." -Miss Bustier told them.

"So, we've got to go up there and give the speech?" -Flamingo asked her, to which she waved her head. –"Do we really have to, Miss Bustier? I know that only one of us is going to talk, but, you know, I'm really shy and I don't feel like standing in front of a big audience." -she lied. As Flamingo, Rose was absolutely okay with facing crowds, but right then, she was not in the mood to go up the stage and do that. She just wanted to have fun and dance with her girlfriend.

"I'm afraid not, Rose. You all came up with the idea for this party, so it's only fair that you all have to go up to the stage, together." -Miss Bustier told her. –"I know you're not a big fan of standing in front of crowds, but, think of this as one of your ballet performances."

"Okay. I understand, Miss Bustier." -Flamingo declared.

"Oh, I almost forgot to ask this. Who's going to read the speech?" -Miss Bustier asked them.

That was a good question. They had all agreed that it would be Alya who was going to write it, but they never decided who was going to deliver it. Talking between them, they asked Miss Bustier to give them a couple of seconds to decide among them. There were a couple of volunteers like Carapace, Antelope and Queen Bee, while others like Flamingo and Ladybug decided they were not the best choice for that, though almost all of them agreed that their leader was just being shy about it.

"Come on, Marinette. Go ahead." -Forest Doe told her.

"But I don't want to. Remember, Ladybug's courageous, but Marinette is super shy. Everyone in this school knows that I'm incredibly shy. If I go up there and start talking like I do whenever I put on this costume, people might get suspicious." -Ladybug told her.

"She does have a point." -Chat agreed with her. –"Whoever talks, has to be someone

"I'll do it!" -Antelope exclaimed.

"Not you! You're a sucker for glory moments. You'll turn this into something about yourself, and we don't need that, remember?" -Dragonfly told him.

"Why do you always have to pick on me?!" –Antelope shot at her, while giving her the stink eye.

"Would you two quit it?! This is not the time for you to start getting on each other's nerves." -Grizzly Bear told them both. The last thing they needed was for them to start bickering with each other.

"Look, I'll do it. Whether I'm wearing this outfit or not, I'm not scared of talking in front of an audience." -Queen Bee said. –"Alya, give me the speech, please."

For a second, the brunette was a little hesitant in handing the blonde the speech she had written for the occasion. She knew she loved to talk about herself, and most of their colleagues still regarded her as the snobbiest girl they had ever met in their lives. Only they knew she had changed, and for the most part, she did not act like her old self, most of the time. Still, she handed her the speech, but warned her not to deviate from what was written on the paper sheet.

"Here you go, Chloé. And remember, stick to what's written in there. Don't start blabbing about something that doesn't have to do with this, okay?"

"Oh, come on. Have a little faith in me, okay?" -Queen Bee told her.

"I have faith in you, just in your ego and your passion for the spotlight." –Rena Rouge thought to herself.

Telling Miss Bustier that they had decided who was going to read the speech, they accompanied her to the stage that had been assembled for the occasion, and where the turntables also were. As they went up the stairs, the music began to die off, providing a little silence. Shortly after, Principal Damocles joined them, and the spotlight was turned on and pointed at him. Grabbing the microphone, he addressed to everyone

"Well, then, first of all, good evening to all of you. Don't worry, I won't bother you with a big speech, because, let's face it, you came here to enjoy the party and that's exactly what you're going to do in just a few minutes. So, please bear the words of an old man for just a little bit okay?" -Principal Damocles told the audience. –"As principal of this fine school, over the years I've seen classes come and going, and each year they have surprised me with how imaginative they can be, when planning activities for their fellow students. And this year's Halloween party is no exception. Miss Bustier's class came up with a rather unique idea, and to tell you a little bit about the creative process and how this idea came to be." -he said, as he turned his attention Miss Bustier's class.

With the spotlight on the class, there were some applauses, as Queen Bee made her way to the principal and took the microphone from his hand, facing the crowd.

"Good evening!" -Queen Bee said, as she looked at the speech Alya had written. –"First of all, my class and I would like to thank you all for helping us put this party together in such a short time. We know that the theme we presented for this party, and ended up being the one chosen has been made before, but what's more Halloweenesque than vampires? And I mean, real vampires, not the ones in those Twilight movies, who glow in the Sun." -she went on, making the crows chuckle with that last joke. –"Still, no matter how creepy or fantastic we had envisioned this party we would've never pull it out just by ourselves. Your help was incredible, and thanks to you, this party will be remembered by all of us, for the rest of our lives. And so, let us show our excitement to Samhain and Hecate on this night, by party all night! Happy Halloween, everyone!"

The speech was received with a bunch of applauses from everyone, though that did not surprise Queen Bee or any of the others. Looking at Rena Rouge, Ladybug smirked, signalling just how much she liked the speech.

"You aced it again, Alya." -Ladybug whispered at her.

"Well, when you spend so much time writing articles for your blog, and pretty much every discussion forum there is, you tend to catch a thing or two." -Rena Rouge told her. –"Plus, practice makes it perfect."

But, she was not the only one who was being congratulated. Queen Bee was also being praised by both her friends, and her teacher.

"You were great, Chloé!" -Louve Grise said.

"You sure were, Chloé." -Miss Bustier told her.

"Thank you, but I can't take all the credit… I mean, I could, but I won't. Alya was the one who wrote the speech. I merely read it." -Queen Bee declared.

"In that case, Alya, I also have to congratulate you." -Miss Bustier told the brunette, who smiled.

"Thank you."

"And now, I think it's time for the party to really start. Shouldn't you be in your designated place already, Nino?" -Miss Bustier asked him.

"Oh, yeah! Guess that's my cue, everyone. Wish me luck!" -Carapace told the whole gang.

"As if you needed luck to choose the right music for the occasion." -Rena Rouge told him, while winking her left eye.

"I love you too, Alya." -Carapace said, as he headed to where the turntables were.

Knowing that the music was about to start, the whole gang went down the stairs and joined the rest of the students. As for Carapace, he readied himself to make that night go from awesome, to epic. Earlier that morning, he had checked the sound system and all the equipment. Looking at the crowd, who looked like they could use a little incentive to drag their feet to the dance floor, he put on his headphones, and he was ready to rock.

"Good evening, everyone! Are you ready to party?!" -Carapace asked everyone in the gym.


"What?! I can't hear you!" -he asked them.


"Come on, even my grandmother screams louder than that!" -he said. He loved doing that with the crowd. It just made them eager for more.


"Alright! Now that's what I'm talking about." -Carapace exclaimed, as he grabbed one of the records he had brought from his private collection. –"This is DJ Nino "Carapace" Lahife, saying that this night is going to be epic! But let's start slowly, and then kick it up a notch, okay? With you, the Prince of Pop, Michael Jackson with… The Thriller!"

As soon as the record started spinning, and the song began, everyone at the gym could definitely say they were in a Halloween party. No self-respecting party on that night would be complete without that song. Everyone knew it, and everyone knew how to dance it.

"Nice choice from Nino." -Corbeau Noire told Flamingo.

"Yeah, but it's not the kind of music you want to dance hugged to another person." -Flamingo told her.

"If you want to, we can go up to the roof and slow dance all night, just the two of us." -Corbeau Noire whispered to the blonde's ear, making her giggle.

"That's a nice idea… maybe a little later, if he doesn't put on something for us to dance together." -Flamingo told her. They had agreed not to tell anyone about their relationship, but that did not mean they could not be seen dancing together; after all, it's not unusual for best-friends to be see dancing together. –"Right now, I think I'm in the mood for something sweet."

"Punch or something with chocolate in it?" -Corbeau Noire asked her.

"Let's start with the punch." -Flamingo told her.

Heading to the table where the beverages were being served, the girls had to wait their turn to get near the punch bowl. This one looked like a witch's bubbling cauldron, and the punch looked purple, like a witch's magic potion. Like in every teenager movie, there was always one prankster would try to spike the punch, by adding it a little alcohol to it, and in this party, there was also one funny guy who was attempting to do it. But, Miss Mendeleiev caught him on the act, and beside scolding him, also confiscated the flask he had brought with him, which was filled with either vodka, rum or any other alcoholic beverage. Both Corbeau Noire and Flamingo saw this, and could to help but to laugh.

"Guess our punch isn't going to get spiked this evening." -Flamingo giggled.

"Too bad, I actually like my punch with a little kick to it." -Corbeau Noire giggled.

While this happened, on the opposite side of the gym, Antelope was practically showing off in front of a group of girls. Arachnid, who was tagging along his best friend, was surprised to see just how the girls seemed to be interested in him. As the class nerd, he was never the one girls were interested in. And one of the girls, who was wearing a Batgirl costume, was really flirting with him.

"You know, without the glasses, you don't look so nerdy, you know?"

"Really?" -Arachnid asked her. He was not used to seeing girls flirting with him.

"Yeah. I mean, don't take this the wrong way, but those glasses you usually wear, they're just so late 90's. You should really start wearing contacts, like you're doing tonight." -she told him, not realizing that he was not wearing any contact lenses.

Antelope, who was watching the whole thing, could not help but to chuckle to himself.

"Well, well, who would have thought that Max would be such a success with girls, just by removing his glasses?" -Antelope thought to himself. –"Of course, I'm not doing so bad myself."

"Your costume looks so cool. You look like the real deal. Where did you buy it?" -a girl who was wearing a nurse outfit asked him.

"I bought it online." -Antelope answered her.

Though most people were impressed with the gang's costumes, there also some who were not. Jealousy is a very powerful thing, as well as envy and on a school, those two sentiments were the main dish of the day, for those who sought them. Both boys and girls began to say that their costumes were not that good, or that theirs were better. Queen Bee and Louve Grise wo were passing by one of those people heard them, and did not like what they heard, especially the bee heroine.

"Can you believe that, Sabrina?!" -Queen Bee asked her. –"How can they say that my costume doesn't even look like Queen Bee's?! I'm the real deal, for crying out loud!"

"Chloé, don't say that out loud!" -Louve Grise begged her. Though the music was loud, she feared that someone could hear them.

"But it's true, Sabrina!" -Queen Bee insisted on the matter.

"I know it's true, Chloé, but you can't say that without revealing that you are Queen Bee, remember?" -Louve Grise pointed out.

Louve was right, and the bee heroine knew it. If she started an argument about the insults they had heard, she might accidently reveal that she was Queen Bee, or the people could put two and two together, and figure out the truth. She would just have to listen to any insult or affront people threw at her, and pretend she did not care. Still, a small part of her, just wanted to go to where those people were and slap them in the face.

"I know, I know… but that doesn't make it any less easy." -Queen Bee declared.

"Come on, your Chloé Bourgeois, remember? You're superior to them, just by being yourself." -Louve told her. –"Just ignore them and have fun." -she smiled

Once again, her best-friend was right. She just had to ignore those remarks. She was superior to them, not only because she was who she was, but because she was also the one and only Queen Bee. Who cared if they thought her outfit did not look like the real one? She knew her outfit was the real one, and that was that.

"I know I keep telling you this, but I'm really lucky to have you as my best-friend, and most of the time, I don't deserve such honour." -Bee told her, being honest about every word she said.

"Oh, forget about it. Come on, I want to dance. Come and dance with me, Chloé!" -Louve told her, as she grabbed the blonde by the wrist and dragged her to the dance floor.

"Sabrina, forget it! I don't want to dance, right now, and not to this song." -Queen Bee chuckled. Carapace had just put on Possum Kingdom from the Toadies, and she was not a big fan of the song.

"Come on, don't be like that, Chloé! You know I love this song! I'm always listening t it with my dad at home." -Louve said, as she started to dance to the rhythm of the music. –"Come on, dance with me!" -she giggled.

"Oh, alright, but just this dance." -Bee started to dance.

While things in the dance floor were heating up, on the lounging area where several tables and chairs had been placed, things were a little calmer. Ladybug had just gone get something to eat, and took a seat at one of the vacant tables. She had told herself that was going to invite Chat, or better, yet, Adrien to dance with her, right after eating. She was just about to take a bite out of the slice of chocolate cake she had brought with her, when she was interrupted.

"Marinette?" -a voice called her.

"Yes?" -Ladybug said, as she turned her head to the right.

"Oh, finally, it's you. Sorry, I already bumped into four other Ladybugs thinking it was you, and I ended up finding they weren't." -the girl said. –"I don't know if you're recognizing me."

The girl had pale skin and light purple-grey eyes. Her hair was two tones with dark purple base and periwinkle bangs, while her large, pointed, low-angled twintails were striped with dark purple and periwinkle spirals. On her face, she had jagged black face paint that surrounded her eyes, coming down to her cheeks as lightning bolts. As for her costume, she was wearing a tight, muted-colour purple and blue two-piece dress that poofed into a curved bell-shape around her waist, with small shoulder puffs with a narrow-ended-tube-shaped collar. The sleeves were white gloves with two lightning bolts above her elbows. She was wearing muted purple tights that became small-heeled white boots that were angled at the "opening" near the calf, with two lightning bolts coming of the boots around the outsides of her legs near her knees. She was also holding a dark purple striped parasol. No matter how much she tried, the scarlet heroine just could not see who she was talking to.

"Sorry, but I'm not seeing who you are." -Ladybug told the girl. Her voice was not strange to her, but right then she did not know from where she had heard it before.

"It's me, Aurore Beauréal, from Miss Mendeleiev's class." -she told the heroine.

"Oh, Aurore! I thought your voice looked familiar." -Ladybug told her. She and Aurore had once gone up against one another in a design and sewing competition the school did to find out who would have the honour of designing the school's new soccer equipment. Being a cosplayer in her spare time, Aurore was used to sew her own outfits. She was a fierce rival, but in the end, Marinette ended up winning the competition. Though a little upset, Aurore congratulated Marinette and from then on, every time they bumped into one another in school, they would exchange a friendly hello between them. –"You look incredible. What are you supposed to be?"

"Me? Well, you could say I'm an akuma." -Aurore told her. –"Ever since Ladybug and the others showed up, including Hawk Moth that for some reason in the cosplay community, everyone has been coming up with original designs for Akumas and then creating the suits. This one is mine." -she told her. –"And believe me, I spent a whole week working on it, just to bring it to the party."

"It's very interesting." -Ladybug told her. The idea that anyone would thought that creating fictional akumas and then making their outfits sounded both awesome and creepy at the same time. –"And what's the name of your akuma?"

"Stormy Weather. I'm a weather controlling akuma." -Aurore told her.

"We still hadn't one of those… I mean, we had one that had ice powers, but that was it." -Ladybug thought to herself. –"I like the name, and I like your outfit."

"Thanks. I like yours too, especially the details. Did you make it?" -Aurore asked her, as she examined the outfit.

"No, I bought it. I wanted to make it, but I had to make a Halloween outfit for a very special little girl, and ended up running out of time." -Ladybug told her.

"I understand. Still, it looks really great." -Aurore declared. –"Do you mind if I take a selfie with you?"

"Sure, I'd love that." -Ladybug asked her. –"But, with so many other Ladybugs around, why me?" -she asked her, curious.

"Well, the other Ladybugs look good, but you're the only one I know personally. Plus, your outfit is the one that looks the most accurate." -Aurore told her, as she took her cell phone from her pocket.

"If you say so." -Ladybug told her, as they positioned themselves for the selfie. Aurore was not the first one to tell her that. Other kids at the party had commended her outfit on the details. But there was one person who had praised her, without even knowing, and that was her crush. Hearing him say that he would recognize her among thousands of Ladybugs, was so sweet, that if her heart could melt, it would be nothing more than a puddle of water right then.
A Suite Snowy Christmas
And, here it is, oe of my favourite Holidays tradition, having a Christmas drawing with my favourite Disney Channel Girls, London and Maddie, from The Suite Life of Zack and Cody to brighten up the season. Last year we didn't have one, because the person II had chosen to do it didn't end up having the time to do it. So this year, the honour belonged to my good friend :iconsnowfake: who did London and Maddie both building a snowman, or in this case, a snow Baymax.

I like how she did it, because it looks cute and it deliver us that Holiday spirit, just by looking at it. What do you guys think? Would you want to build a snow Baymax? xD Merry Christmas everyone, and don't forget to check out :iconsnowfake: page for more on her works.
Chapter 12: This is Halloween

As the Sun set in the horizon, bringing that day to an end, Paris prepared itself for a night that many would say belonged to creatures that were not of this world. In fact, if there was someone whom the night belonged to was Hecate, the Greek goddess of magic, sorcery, witchcraft, necromancy, ghosts, death, fire, light, crossroads, childbirth, wilderness, night, and the Moon. But, on that particular night, many associated Samhain, the spirt of Halloween to it, so Hecate was temporarily relegated into the background. Halloween belonged to Samhain.

As the stores closed, and people raced homes to be with their families and friends on that spooky night, already were lots of kids on the streets, dressed up as their favourite characters to go trick or treating, always accompanied either by their parents, their grandparents or by an aunt or an uncle, and in some cases, an older brother or sister. The kids mission was to have fun on that night and collect as much candy as they could, so it would last them until Christmas at least. As the kids roamed the streets, the chilly wind made both the trees shake, and the fallen leaves to dance in whirlwinds, as if they had a mind of their own. There was not a single street in the centre of Paris that did not have at least one Jack O'Lantern lit in each building's doorstep, keeping up the tradition for both decorative reasons, as well as a more spiritual reason, for according to tradition, it was costuming to create those lanterns to signal the evil spirits that roamed the land on that night, that they were not welcomed there. This only contributed to give the whole night of Halloween an even spookier and more mystical feeling.

And, just like every other family who celebrated Halloween, the Dupain-Chengs had also spruced up their home, both inside and out. Tom Dupain And Sabine Cheng had already decorated the bakery earlier that week, but only on the 31st did they decorated the outside of the bakery, as well as the doorstep of their house. Later that night they would be handing candy to every little boy and girl that came ringing at their door. But first, they both had to take little Manon trick or treating. And while the two of them put on their costumes for the night, Marinette helped Manon put on her costume.

It had taken her a little longer than she initially thought to sew her old costume to fit Manon, but in the end, it came out even better than she had expected. Giggles and laughs filled Marinette's room, as the blue-haired girl helped Manon with her costume.

"Try to stand still, Manon." -Marinette told her. –"You want to look pretty and scary, don't you?"

"Yes." -Manon answered her.

"There, it's done." -Marinette took a step back to admire her own work, and to also see if Manon looked okay in the costume. –"I'm not one to brag, but I think you look perfect, Manon." -she giggled. –"All we need now is to put you the wig. But first, let's put some make-up on you."

"Make-up, yeah!" -Manon exclaimed, as Marinette went to get the inks she needed.

With a steady hand, and a little help from Tikki, who kept Manon calm by telling her a story, so she would stand still for Marinette, the blue-haired girl, gave the little girl a paintjob that would put to shame some make-up artists. The black mask over grey skin was a nice touch and gave the little girl a rather unique and quite stunning look. As she placed the black wig on her head, Marinette looked at Manon and told herself that she looked unrecognizable.

"Alright, it's one. You're all set." -Marinette said, smiling with pride, as Manon went to look herself in the mirror. Upon seeing herself, the little girl jumped for joy.

"Thank you, Marinette, thank you!" -Manon kept jumping, while also giggling. Marinette had to ask her not to jump very much, so the wig would not come off.

"You look amazing, Manon." -Tikki chirped, as she hovered in front of the little girl.

"Thank you, Tikki." -Manon said.

"Okay, then turn around so I can take a picture of you in your costume. That way you can show it to your mom when she arrives tomorrow night." -Marinette said, as she grabbed her camera. It had been a present from her parents from her last birthday Although she relied more on her cell phone to take pictures, when the occasion called for it, she would use her camera instead, and right then, the occasion called for it. –"Alright, now, give me a big smile for the camera, Manon."

Pointing the camera at the little girl, Marinette snapped a couple of photos, asking Manon to make either funny faces, or, giving her costume, an evil and wicked face. The little girl asked the blue-haired girl to snap a couple of photos with Tikki, but the little kwmi reminded her that neither or any of the other kwamis appears on photographs or any kind of video footage. This was found by Max, who had used his kwami, Ari, for a couple of experiments, to try to find more about what exactly the kwamis were in scientific terms, and when photographing and recording Ari, discovered that he did not appear on any of the footage had had either taped or photographed.

"I'm sorry, Manon, but you know that she doesn't appear on film." -Marinette

"I know…" -Manon sighed.

"Come on, no sad faces. This is Halloween, you should be smiling. Come on, smile a little more, so I can snap a couple of more pictures of yours." -Marinette insisted, trying to make her smile.

Making her smile, Marinette snapped a couple of more photos, and then, asked Manon to come and sit by her side on the chaise-longue, where she showed them to her, who was happy with the result. To her, there was nothing Marinette could not do perfectly, and it was not just because she was secretly a super-heroine. It was because she was a great babysitter and a great friend to her. Unlike all the other babysitters she had had, who were either too bossy, not fun enough or just treated her like a kid, while not trying to understand her, Marinette treated her as if she was her own age, she was not bossy, and she was incredibly fun. In sum, she was the kind of person, Manon would always want to spend time with.

"So, did you like the photos?" -Marinette asked her, as she flipped through the photos. –"Oh, look, you look really evil on this one!"

"I liked that one, where I'm winking to the camera." -Manon giggled.

"Oh, that's a really good one." -Marinette said, as she flipped back to the one Manon was talking about. –"Tomorrow, I'll print this one, so your mom can put in her wallet." -she smiled.

"For when she misses me, she can see me, right?" -Manon asked her, with her usual innocent voice.

"That's right." -Marinette

"Speaking of time, you should also get ready, Marinette." -Tikki told her, as she looked at the clock. –"It's almost time to go."

"We still got time, Tikki." -Marinette told her. She was only going to transform a little later. –"Besides, you still haven't eaten all the candy and sweets I bought you." -she pointed to the plate filled with liquorice strings, candy corn, gummy bears and bonbons that was on the desk. –"I don't want you to get sad about not having any candy tonight, because of me going as Ladybug to the party."

Tikki had already eaten a few of the sweets in the plate, but she felt that Marinette had gone a little overboard with the amount of sweets she served her. Still, she did not say anything, especially because she liked the candy. She was going to eat all that candy, just not right then.

"But I want to see you transform!" -Manon said. Ever since she found out Marinette's secret, she would try and ask Marinette to transform in front of her, just so she could see it happening. For the little girl, when the blue-haired girl went from plain old Marinette to Paris very own superheroine Ladybug, that was a moment when she knew that magic existed. -Please, Marinette, please!" -she begged her, using her baby-doll eyes.

"Oh, alright. I can't resist those eyes of yours." -Marinette smiled. No matter how much she tried, there was just no way she could resist whenever she used that trick. She could take down an Akuma, without having to think about it, but she could not resist the charms of a little girl. –"Fine, but you better step back a little, sweetie. I'm going to need a little bit of space for this." -she said, as Tikki approached her. –"Alright then, ready, Tikki?"

"You betcha!" -Tikki winked at her.

"Tikki, transforme moi!" -Marinette exclaimed, as the little kwami was sucked into the miraculous earrings.

Once again, by saying those words, Marinette's clothes were replaced by her Ladybug outfit. Watching her transform, Manon applauded. She never got tired of watching that happen. As she put it, it was magical, in every sense of the word. Smiling, the blue-haired heroine looked at Manon, who kept staring at her. Feeling in a mood for a little roleplay, Ladybug wasted no time in trying to have some fun with Manon, while waiting for her mom to come and pick her up.

"Well, then, what do we have here? Are you a new akuma?" -Ladybug asked her.

"Yes! I'm the Puppeteer!" -Manon giggle evilly. She and Marinette had come up with the idea of her dressing up as an akuma, complete with powers and even a silly catchphrase.

"The Puppeteer, you say?!" -Ladybug exclaimed, between giggles. –"You don't scare me! I, Ladybug will defeat you!" -she said, as she placed herself in her usual fighting stance.

"You wish!" -Manon laughed evilly, as she grabbed two puppets that were near her, and pretended that she was controlling them. –"My minions will stop you!"

During those five minutes, both girls played and laughed to their heart's content. One of the good things about Manon knowing Marinette's secret identity, was that when she transformed and began to show off her skills, she did not have to pretend to be someone else for the little girl. When they finished playing, Manon kept laughing, as Marinette grabbed her and held her in her arms. Her body still ached from her fight against Hawk Moth, the night before, but she did not say a word. She did not want Manon to get worried about it.

"That was fun! Especially when you jumped over me like that." -Manon said, referring to when the heroine somersaulted over her head, landing gracefully in front of her.

"Well, I only did that because you were trying to turn me into shreds." -Ladybug giggled, making her also giggle. –"You know what, Manon? I hope you never get akumatized by Hawk Moth. You'd be one tough cookie to defeat."

"You mean it?" -Manon asked her innocently.

"I do." -Ladybug smiled. Just thinking about such a thing, made the girl tremble. Hawk Moth akumatizing Manon or anyone else she cared about, was a terrible thought-. She would have a hard time fighting someone she cared deeply about. But, thinking about it, the chances of any person she cared about being akumatized were very slim, because Hawk Moth and his goons tended to choose people who got mad or furious quite easily. –"But that will never happen, as long as I'm around."

She had just finished saying that, when there was knocking at the door. Ladybug did not have to guess who it was, since she was already expecting it. Wasting no time, she placed Manon on the ground and told her mom to come in.

"I came to see if Manon was ready… whoa, you both look amazing!" -Sabine said, as she entered the room and saw both Manon and Marinette

"Look, who's talking, mom." -Ladybug said, as she looked at her mom's costume. She had chosen to dress up as the Bride of Frankenstein, while Tom had chosen to become Frankenstein on that evening. Sabine looked incredibly beautiful in her costume, though spooky at the same time. The only thing she did not like about her costume was the wig, which she felt was a little too big, and it made her difficult to move her head at will. Still, it was worth it to look like the character. –"You look amazing too."

"Oh, thanks, Marinette. But, I didn't know you were going as Ladybug." -Sabine said, as she approached her daughter. –"Did you make the outfit yourself?"

"No, I bought it. I wanted to make one myself, but fixing this little devil's costume took me longer than I expected." -she told her mother. –"So, I had to go with plan B."

"Well, it's still a very pretty one. You look just like her. Even the mask looks like the one she wears." -Sabine said, as she looked at her daughter, examining the outfit. –"Still, I hope you're not going outside wearing only that. It's cold, so be sure to take a jacket with you." -she told her.

"Don't worry, mom, I'll take one." -Ladybug smiled. If her mother knew that that outfit was magical and acted almost like a second skin, preventing her from feeling any cold, she would not have told her that. Deep down, she was a bit surprised her mother not realizing that her outfit was the real deal, and not a cheap copy that could be bought in every costume store in town. –"Are you going out already?" -she asked her.

"Yes. Your dad is just finishing putting his make-up on. After he's done, we'll be going with Manon trick-or-treating." -Sabine answered her. –"What about you? What time are you going to the party?" -she asked.

"I'll be going in about half an hour or so." -Ladybug told her.

"Well, then remember. I don't want you to stay out all night. Be back, just before midnight, understand?" -Sabine told her.

"Understood, mom. I promise I'll be home a little before midnight." -Ladybug smiled, as she went to the desk and grabbed a piece of candy corn from the plate she had laid for Tikki. She was sure she would not mind if she took one.

"Alright, and before we go, you know that we need to do our usual Halloween tradition." -Sabine said, as she grabbed Manon by the hand.

"You got it."

"What tradition?"

"Oh, right, honey. I forgot that you don't know about this. But, here at home we usually take a family photo with our costumes on, every year." -Sabine said.

"Can I be in it too?" -Manon asked her.

"Of, course you can, silly." -Ladybug said, as she grabbed her camera. –"Let's do it."


After taking the photo, her parents went out with Manon. As for Ladybug, she waited a little bit longer to go. While waiting, she asked herself if she should use her powers to get to school using the rooftops and her yo-yo, to get there faster, or just walked to it like everyone else? In the end, she decided to walk. That was likely the only night in the year where she could walk on the street in her outfit, without people coming to her for a photograph or an autograph. Walking through the street, she took her time to appreciate the unique sense of freedom. On that night, she was both visible and invisible at the same time, and she did not know how to feel about that.

"This feels a little weird." -Ladybug thought to herself. –"I'm so used to having people coming towards me, when I'm wearing this suit, that it feels strange to have people ignoring me." -she told herself. –"Still, I like it."

As she walked down the streets, she saw several police officers and police vehicles patrolling the streets. That reminded her of the announcement that was made earlier that morning, stating that due to Hawk Moth's attack, to prevent another one, the entire police force, as well as a small army detachment would be providing surveillance to ensure the safety of everyone on the streets. She understood why this was being done. Hawk Moth had managed to scare everyone in Paris the previous night, so it was normal that people would be scared to go out trick or treating with their children, or allowing them to go alone. By having the police and the army patrolling and ensuring everyone's safety, was the right thing to do, so that Halloween night would go without a hitch. When passing by one, she smiled at them, in appreciation for their work.

She passed by several groups of kids, all dressed up in costumes, trick or treating. They were all wearing every conceivable costume there was. Classics like vampires, werewolves, ghosts, mummies, clowns, zombies, among many others. And, of course, newer costumes like Transformers, Batman, Iron Man, Spider-Man, Sailor Moon, Wonder Woman, Pinkie Pie, among many others. And of course, there were also lots of kids wearing costumes from the Miraculous Team. In a matter of minutes, she lost count of how many Ladybugs, Rena Rouges, Grizzly Bears, Chattes Noir, among others, went by her. She smiled, thinking that even though they were always fighting bad guys and monsters, they had somehow managed to become a good influence on the kids and the rest of the people in that city.

She had just crossed the street, when a group of kids exited a building, and among them was a little girl dressed as Ladybug. She must have been 11 years or so, not much younger than herself. Running to get to the next building, the group passed by her, when the little Ladybug fell and dropped her candy. Seeing this, the heroine wasted no time in helping her get up.

"You know, you have to be a little more careful, Ladybug. You don't want to lose your candy, do you?" -Ladybug told the little girl.

"Thank you." -the little girl said, as the heroine handed her bag with candy. –"Hey, are you the real Ladybug?" -she asked her.

"Why do you ask?" -Ladybug asked her.

"Because you look like her." -she told her.

Hearing her say that, the scarlet heroine smiled. Still, not wanting to tell her that she was the real one, she decided to play her a little Halloween prank.

"Nope, I'm not the real one. The real one must be around, also celebrating Halloween." -Ladybug answered her, when she heard the little girl's friends calling her. –"And I think you too should go and celebrate it too. Watch your step, okay?"

"Okay. Thanks, and Happy Halloween!"

"Happy Halloween, little Ladybug." -Ladybug waved at her.

She had just finished waving at her, when she heard a horn. Turning around, she saw a black limousine with its lights on, approaching her. She recognized it as being the limo Adrien usually came, when his bodyguard/driver brought him to school. As the limo parked in front of her, she saw the backseat window coming down, only to reveal a certain black feline smiling at her.

"Need a ride, milady?" -Chat Noir asked her, always grinning at her.

"Ch… Adrien!" -Ladybug exclaimed. For a second there, she almost called him Chat. –"Well, if you're offering, I won't say no." -she said, as he opened the door for her. Upon entering, she saw that he was not alone. Carapace was with him.

"Hey there, Marinette!" -Carapace waved at her.

"Hey, Nino!" -Ladybug said, as she sat next to Chat. It was the first time she entered in his limousine, and she was quite surprised by it. The inside was just like the inside of every limo she had seen in movies. For a second there, she left like she herself had somehow slipped into one of those movies.

"Okay, we can go." -Chat told his bodyguard, after which he closed the divider window, giving the three of them a little privacy, and turned his attention to the heroine. –"Didn't expect to bump into you."

"I could say the same thing for you." -Ladybug told him. –"How did you recognize me? I can't be the only Ladybug on the streets tonight."

"Let's just say that Adrien over there, would recognize you among hundreds of Ladybugs." -Carapace joked. –"As soon as he saw you, he knew it was you." -he told her.

"Really?" -Ladybug giggled. She knew Carapace was just joking, but it felt good to hear those words. Plus, a small part of her hoped that what he said was true and that her crush would actually be able to recognize her among hundreds of other Ladybugs.

"Actually, I recognized you because of your yo-yo." -Chat whispered to her ear. –"So far, you're the only Ladybug who's wearing it the right way." -he whispered at her.

"Really?" -she whispered at him. –"Didn't even notice it."

"Huh, guys? You know I'm not the kind of guy who's always ready to know every little bit of gossip there is, but come on, don't keep me in the dark here." -Carapace joked.

"Oh, he was just telling me that he recognized me because of the way I wear my yo-yo." -Ladybug said.

"That means he's a good a great eye." -Carapace joked, embarrassing Chat a little.

"Come on, Nino, stop that!" -Chat chuckled.

"Hey, I'm just being honest, okay?" -Carapace told him.

"Anyways, are you two ready for the party?" -Ladybug asked them, trying to change the subject. –"I know we were the ones who planned the whole thing, but, I don't know what to expect when we get there."

"We sure are." -Carapace answered her. –"And believe me, whatever happens, with me on the job, you'll at least know that you'll have the right beat to dance." -he told her. He was just itching to get to the party, so he could go and do what he liked doing the most, being a DJ.

"Amen to that. After what happened to me about an hour ago, I got enough adrenaline in me, to dance all night long." -Chat sighed.

"What happened to you?" -Ladybug asked him, curious.

"Oh, yeah, you still haven't told her." -Carapace laughed. –"Oh, believe me, Marinette, you're going to crack yourself up with what happened to Adrien."

"It was no big deal… I mean, it was a big deal, but at the same time it was not." -Chat told her. –"Let me start from the beginning. It started right after I put on this outfit..."


Adrien had just said the magic words, and his clothes were replaced by his Chat Noir outfit. As he checked himself in the mirror, in his head, he could still hear Plagg's voice telling him that he had plans that night, and that those plans did not include spending the night inside the miraculous ring, while Adrien had all the fun.

"Sorry, Plagg, but after last night, I need to relax and have some fun… ouch, but just a little bit, ouch!" -Chat said. Though he had recovered, his body still ached a little bit, especially when he stretched out his arms. –"Okay, note to self, try not to move my arms tonight."

Checking the time, he saw it was time for him to go and get Nino before heading to the party. He had already called Nathalie to tell his bodyguard to have the limo ready for him, so all he had to do was go downstairs and go. But first, he had to go and tell his dad that he was going to the party. Smirking, Chat was wondering how his dad allowed him to go to the party in the first place? Usually he would not allow him to go anywhere. But recently, he had begun to give him a little more freedom, something he never did.

"Maybe he's just giving me some space, so I can have a normal teenage life." -Chat thought to himself. –"That's what mom would want me to have." -he said, once more remembering just how much missed her. But, that was not the time for him to be said. He was going out to celebrate Halloween that night, and with some luck, impress Marinette with some of the dance moves Nino had taught him. –"I just hope she doesn't think I'm a square or anything, when I ask her to dance with me… Oh, come on, you're Chat Noir, man! You got this! It's time to party."

Checking himself once again in the mirror, to see if his hair was right, he was ready to go. Heading towards his bedroom door, he was about to open it, when the handle turned, and the door opened, revealing the last person in the world Chat would ever think he would see there. Standing in front of him was a man wearing a purple suit, black shoes and a silver mask around his head, while holding a cane in his hands, and that man was none other than… Hawk Moth.

"Aaahh! What are you doing here?!" -Chat exclaimed, as he leaped into a fighting stance.

"Adrien?" -Hawk Moth asked him. But the voice did not belong to the villain. It belonged to someone else. It belonged to his…

"D-Dad?!" –Chat asked, realizing that it was his dad, and not Hawk Moth, who was standing in front of him. When he realized what had just happened, he felt like in his mind a panic button had just been pressed, blocking his rational thought.

"What are you doing?!" -Gabriel Agreste asked his son.

"M-Me?! What are you doing in that outfit?" -Chat asked his dad- It was the first thing it came to his mind to ask.

"What kind of a question is that? I told you yesterday, this is the outfit I'll be taking to the Halloween party Mayor Bourgeois has invited me to." -Gabriel told him in a neutral voice.

"Y-You're going as Hawk Moth?" -Chat asked him, still not believing or remembering that he had told him he was going as his mortal enemy the night before."

"I know, I know, it's not the best choice given what happened yesterday, but it was not my choice." -Gabriel told him. –"This is what happens when I ask another of my assistants to do a chore, instead of asking Nathalie to do it in the first place. Next year, I'm asking her to choose my Halloween costume instead." -he thought to himself. –"And you… I didn't know you were going as Chat Noir."

"Y-Yeah, well… it was a late decision. I couldn't find an outfit that I liked, and well, when I saw it, I told myself that I wouldn't look half-bad wearing it." -Chat told his father.

"I see." -Gabriel smiled. When he smiled, Chat felt a shiver up his spine. He was not used to see his dad smile, and the fact that he was wearing a Hawk Moth's costume, the whole combination just creeped him out. –"Well, I hope you don't plan on coming home too late."

"Uh, no. I know that you told me to come home until 11 p.m., but… well, you see, my friends and I, we were the one who came up with the theme for the party this year, and well, I was wondering… if it would be alright for me to come back home a little later? Let's say, midnight?"

Gabriel Agreste was a man who was not used to being contradicted or otherwise challenged. Furthermore, he was a man who once had decided something, would not go back on his word, no matter the context or the situation. And that usually went for his son. Still, lately he had started to be a lot more comprehensive when it came to Adrien. Without realizing it, he had begun to treat him more like his son, and not like he was a robot who had to obey his every command. And that felt good. It felt good to allow him to be himself, and to be with his friends as much as he could, instead of forcing him to stay home like he was a prisoner. Smiling, he answered:

"Oh, alright, I guess an extra hour won't do any harm, especially since you don't have school tomorrow." -he said.

"Thanks, dad." -Chat said, smiling at him.

(End of flashback)

Upon hearing him tell her the story, Ladybug wondered if what he had told her was not just an episode from the Twilight Zone.

"Your dad… dressed as Hawk Moth…" -Ladybug said. –"Okay, I'm pretty much speechless."

"And after that, we did our Halloween tradition. We took a photo with our costumes on. It's sort of a tradition that was started by when my mom was still alive." -Chat said, trying not to sound nostalgic.

Though calm on the outside, on the inside, when she heard Chat say that, Ladybug almost exploded with joy. She could not believe that he and her shared a tradition, and that just made her feel, even more than before, that he and her were made for each other.

"You don't say?" -Ladybug said, trying to act casually. –"So… that means, that now there's a photo of you alongside Hawk Moth?" -she giggled.

"He won't show it to me." -Carapace declared. –"Maybe you'll get lucky and he'll show it to you."

"Not going to happen." -Chat said. –"It was already surreal enough for me to see my dad wearing that outfit once. I don't think I'll ever be able to look at that photo again, without thinking that I thought for a few seconds that Hawk Moth had found out my real identity and had come to get me."

The mere thought of Hawk Moth finding out their true identities was more than enough to cause them nightmares. If the villain, or any of his stooges ever found out who was behind the masks, that would mean disaster for both the heroes, as well as everyone they knew and cared for. But, with some luck, that would never happen, as long as they were careful.

"Well, if you don't want to talk about it, or show it to us, that's okay with me." -Ladybug told him. –"Oh, look, we're arriving!" -she said.

Outside, there were already several people standing in front of the school's entrance, all dressed in their costumes, ready to enter. Looking through the limo's tinted glass window, Ladybug quickly recognized her best friend Alya in her Rena Rouge outfit, as well as Mylene in her Forest Doe outfit, standing in front of the school's stone ladder. They had all agreed to meet at the school's entrance, and that was what they were doing, waiting for the rest of the gang to show up.

"Alya and Mylene are already here." -Ladybug declared.

"Then, let's join them." -Chat said.

"It's party time, people!" -Carapace exclaimed, as he got ready to exit the limo.


On the streets, everything was calm. Apart from the cries of happiness from the kids who were trick or treating, there was nothing else to report. After his heroic deed the night before, Lt. Raincomprix had been commended by Mayor Bourgeois, as well as given a raise. On top of all, he and been given Halloween night off, as a reward. Although he had thanked him for the commendation and the raise, he told the mayor that he could not take the night off, knowing that his brothers in arms, even those who had previously been given the night off and were ordered to come to work instead, would be spending that night patrolling the city and making sure that if Hawk Moth dared to show his face, they would be ready to intervene. If his daughter was younger and he had to take care trick or treating, like he did in the past, he would have gladly accepted the night off to go with her. But his little girl was not that young anymore. Sabrina was already old enough not to go trick or treating, and instead, was going to a Halloween party by herself, with her friends. So, there was no real reason for him to take the night off. He would much rather be on patrol, ensuring that everything went alright for everyone, including Sabrina, who would be having fun at the party.

Sitting in the car, he had been assigned a temporary partner, given that his usual partner was at home, sick with a flu. This new partner was a rookie, who had come out of the academy just a few months ago, and he was still green around the gills. His name was Émilien Dufort. So, to help him gain some experience, Roger Raincomprix decided to let him drive the car that night. It had been silent, since they got out of the station. They had just passed by the Palais du Luxembourg, when he decided to break the ice with some friendly conversation.

"First night on the job?"

"No. But it's the first time a senior officer let's me drive the car, sir." -the rookie answered him.

"Please, don't call me that. Just call me by my first name, alright? At least, when it's just the two of us." -Lt. Raincomprix told him.

"Alright, if you insist." -Émilien agreed. –"Oh, and, would you mind if I…"

"Go on, I know that you want to ask me something from the first moment you saw me." -Lt. Raincomprix said.

"Well… then, how… how was it facing that terrorist last night, all by yourself?" -Émilien asked him.

"How was it? I don't know. To be honest, I don't even know how I should feel." -he answered humbly. –"I mean, I just did what I had to do. I'm sure any other police officer who was in my shoes would have fired against him." -he said. –"I don't know if you were expecting something else from me, but… well, that's that."

"Permission to speak freely, lieutenant?"

"Permission granted, although this is not the army and I told you to call me Roger, okay?"

"I just feel that, well, when facing a man like Hawk Moth… I don't think I would've been able to even point my gun at him, let alone shoot him, without, you know, thinking about what he could do to me."

"Of course, you could. And you know why? Because you're a police officer, rookie. You're on the right side of the law, and he isn't. That's what make you, me and every cop in this city better than him. While he wants to destroy and cause pain and suffering, we want to make sure that he doesn't get his way, you know?" -Lt. Raincomprix told him.

"W-What were you thinking when you shot him?" -Émilien asked him.

"What was I thinking? Well, I was thinking about my wife… but mostly, I was thinking about my daughter and how much I love her." -Lt. Raincomprix told him. Seeing as they were about to stop at a red light, he decided to show the rookie a photo of Sabrina he always carried in his wallet. –"This is her, my little Sabrina."

The photo he had on his wallet was one that it had been taken around that time the year before. It showed Sabrina along with Chloé, when the heiress took Sabrina to help her choose a gift for Adrien. Sabrina felt that she had looked so cute in it that she gave it to her dad, so he could put it on his wallet.

"She's cute… and, is that the mayor's daughter?"

"Yes, it is. Sabrina and she are best friends, and they even attend the same class and all." -Lt. Rainscomprix said. –"I… hey, what was that?!" -he asked, as he pointed

A few seconds before, what looked like a post box passed in front of the car, flying through the air. This turned out to be true, when this one landed on top of a parked vehicle, triggering its alarm. Almost after that, something in even more incredible happened. Several skeletons, each one scarier than the one before, and all brandishing weapons that went from pipes to bats and even swords, ran past them, destroying everything they found in their path. The whole thing looked like something out of a horror movie.

"And here I thought this was going to be a quiet night." -Lt. Raincomprix thought to himself, as he exited the car.

"What is that?!" -Émilien asked, not believing his own eyes.

"Trouble, that's what it is! Call dispatch and tell them to send reinforcements to our location!" -Lt. Raincomprix exclaimed. –"Looks like Hawk Moth doesn't know when to give up." -he thought to himself, knowing that was going to be a long night.
Miraculous Team: Halloween Madness - Chapter 12

Hey! Yeah, I know, this one should have been online yesterday, but I've been having a bit of writers block lately... that, and I've been playing some videogames in my spare time, which leave me with less time to write, obviously. xD Either way, this chapter came out a little longer than I expected, because I wanted to explore a little more of Sabrina's das personality and story (I mean, sure, the kids are the heroes of this saga, but that doesn't mean the grow-ups can't have a moment to shine, okay?). And before anyone asks, yeah, the little "Halloween prank" of having Gabriel Agreste dressed up as Hawk Moth, it was a stunt I wanted to put in my stories for a while, so as to mock the idea that just because he isn't Hawk Moth in my saga, that doesn't mean I won't make a couple of references to what goes on the series, okay? xD

Anyways, the party is about to start at Collége François-Dupond, and we already have some of Spectrum's minions causing mayhem on the streets, so we're bound to have a very busy Halloween night ahead of us. See ya next chapter.

Afternoon Ice Cream
Hey! Sorry I didn't post another chapter of Halloween Madness just yet, but this latest chapter has been giving me a really big headache. Still, while we don't have it ready, here's another drawing I commissioned a few weeks ago during Lisbon Games Week 2017.

I'm sure you guys recognize the character and the style, don't you? That's right, it's the Outer Senshi pencilled and coloured by none other than my friend :iconsnowfake:

I asked her to draw me Haruka, Michiru, Setsuna and Horatu on a walk, while eating ice cream. And here's the result. I always love when she draws Sailor Moon characters and puts everything she's got in them. What do you guys think? Do you like it? What kind of flavour are their ice creams? That's for you to find out.

Be sure check out :iconsnowfake: page for more on her works.



Made with pride by the DeviantArt community BROWSE ALL ART

For those who are fans of the series, i don't have to tell you that season 2 is nearly upon us. In fact, here in Portugal we're going to have the opportunity to watch it before most other countries (only Spain will get to watch the first episode before us, tomorrow... we have to wait until Monday).

There have been a lot of spoilers already, thanks to Jeremy Zag and Thomas Astruc, but still, I can't wait to watch the series, because I want to see our favourite Parisian superheroes saving the day, this time with the help of three new friends... who are actually their old friends from school. xD

The countdown is nearly at its end... time to go back to Paris. I'll be watching the the first episode, while eating a warm croissant. :D What about you guys?


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